Capturing destruction

Hurricane Sandy's record 13-foot storm surge flooded parts of New York City. Intrepid New Yorkers, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, captured the scene as streets turned to rivers and rescue workers took to rafts to help stranded citizens. Gale-force winds of up to 90 mph also took their toll. Here is a sampling of video and photos from social media streams, showing the devastation.

NYC rescue rafts

Rescue raft at 14 St. and B Ave., as rescue workers prepare to float down flooded streets. The east river overtook its banks earlier in the day and continued on for up to three blocks during the height of the storm surge. Posted to Instagram by Sean Captain, editor of TechNewsDaily.

FDR Drive

"This was how FDR drive at 78th St. looked last night near the height of the storm in New York City," Suzanne Kantra, founder of Techlicious, wrote about the highway along the East River this morning on her site.

East River

Streets near East River under water. Photo by M-Pearce-Kelleher, posted to Facebook.

East Village

Flooding in East Village at Avenue C and 11th St., captured by Andrew Adam Newman on Monday evening and posted to Facebook.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

"Jane's carousel is basically an island now. Poor horses," Instagram user andjelicaa said in her post. The historic, recently restored carousel is situated in Brooklyn Bridge Park right on the East River. The local news site Gothamist reported on Tuesday that the carousel was not damaged in the flood.

Fort Greene

Pratt Institute student Spencer Rothman shot this photo near Fort Greene, Brooklyn. "Well.. I guess we have a pool now?" he said on Facebook.


Residents left exposed after Chelsea facade collapses. Incredibly, no one was injured, reported news site DNAinfo. Posted by Lee James to Instagram.

Near World Trade Center Complex

Lobby of 140 West St. — about two blocks in from the Hudson River and a block north of the World Trade Center complex — in aftermath of storm. Photo from Governor Andrew Cuomo's photostream on Flickr. The governor spent most of last night driving around Manhattan, surveying damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.

Battery Park

Truck underwater at Battery Park underpass, posted by Governor Cuomo. “It was as bad as anything I’ve experienced, certainly in New York,” Cuomo said during an interview on local station WGDJ.

Along FDR

"The beam from a pier ends up near the FDR," posted to Facebook by Matt Farwell.

Ride over in New Jersey

Roller coaster at Seaside Heights in New Jersey in the ocean, taken by Brian Thompson, via theatlanticwire

NYC subway

Subways flooded and closed, including 86th St. station. Photo by Veronica De Souza.

Broadway and East 8th

Fallen security gate at Broadway and East 8th Street late Tuesday morning. Much of Manhattan was still without power Tuesday, with traffic lights and storefronts dark up to 26th street on Broadway and higher in other parts of the city. Overall about 750,000 people in New York City are without power and 2 million statewide. Posted to Instagram by Sean Captain.

Hurricane Sandy NYC Floods Captured by Social Media Users