NBA Apps

The NBA 2012-13 season is here, with players treating fans to dunks, dishes and threes to mark the return of the game. To keep up with the action, try these five apps for Android and iOS.

NBA Game Time (iOS, Android)

With the NBA’s free official mobile app, everybody can get scores and stats from every game. For $10 per season (or free for Sprint subscribers), Game Time Plus gets you live audio of all games. The app also features Twitter streams tracking the chatter about each game. NBA League Pass subscribers who’ve paid $50 can watch live games and replay any game throughout the season.

Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball (iOS, Android)

No need to restrict your fantasy basketball obsession to your computer. Drive your friends and family crazy by bringing your virtual league with you everywhere. With the free Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball app, you can track how your players are doing at all times. The app can also help you figure out the best matchups and find who’s available on the waiver wire.

Pro Basketball Pocket Reference (iOS)

How did Kyrie Irving’s first year compare to Oscar Robertson’s? Who was the MVP in 1973? The best way to appreciate the current game is to understand where it came from. The $1 Pro Basketball Pocket Reference app includes all player and team stats from 1946 — the year the NBA started — until the end of last season.

WatchESPN (iOS, Android)

If you can’t get home or to a bar to watch your favorite team, you might be able to use WatchESPN on your smartphone or tablet to catch the same action you would see on TV. The app works if you subscribe to ESPN on TV services through Time Warner Cable, Verizon FIOS and a few other providers.

NBA Jam (iOS, Android)

When watching isn’t good enough, build up a sweat playing this $3 game. Play as any NBA team, and add classic players like Scottie Pippen. When you want to mix it up, play against a friend over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Top 5 Basketball Apps to Tip Off the NBA Season