Yes, great gifts on a budget

If money were no object, you'd probably find it easy to choose the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list. But few have a limitless budget. We at TechNewsDaily have rounded up five of our favorite gifts — things our friends and family will find under the tree this year — and each costs less than $100.

Roku HD streaming media player $60

If you have someone on your list who is reluctant to dive into the latest tech gizmos, a Roku streaming media player that delivers Internet TV to the big screen is a sound choice. The company recently added universal search that lets viewers look for a single show or movie across its channels, including Netflix, HuluPlus and Amazon OnDemand. It's easy to set up and comes with its own remote that has only a few buttons to master. (Recommended by TND staff, because we all have relatives who don't embrace tech quite as much as we do.)

Brit Kits for Pinterest crafters $20

Brit Kits from Pinterest aficionado Brit Moran offer complete projects that can be done in 30 minutes or less. The kits that fit our budget are available as a one-time gift ($20) and as a 3-month subscription ($60). The 6-month series ($110) just missed our limit. October's project was LED balloons and included lights to drop into a dozen balloons, sparkly confetti, hanging strips and a balloon pump. You never know what you'll get, but that's part of the fun. (Recommended by Leslie Meredith, senior writer and mom of four @lesliemeredith)

USB power inverter for the car $40

This may not be the sexiest of gifts, but it will be a lot more useful than just about anything else you can buy for $40. The Kensington auto power Inverter with USB power port for emergency power plugs into your car's port to let you charge your phone or other device when the power goes down. Our staff in New York and New Jersey found these devices essential during Hurricane Sandy when power outages lasted for days. (Recommended by Daniel Howley, auto writer for LAPTOP, a TND sister site)

LittleBits electronics kits for kids $89

Instead of buying the child on your list the latest battery-operated toy, consider LittleBits' Starter Kit. It's a neatly packaged set of wires, switches, LED lights, a motor and custom-made 9-volt battery that snap together with magnets to fuel the creativity of tomorrow's tech whizzes. LittleBits also offers a new holiday kit to make Christmas ornaments, a moving skater and a New Year's light-up hat for $50. (Recommended by Leslie Meredith)

Tournament controller for gamers $80

Dedicated video game players (you know who you are) will thoroughly enjoy Power A's latest peripheral, the Fus1on Tournament Controller. This custom-built controller comes with everything you need to enhance your playing experience, whether it's the comfortable build, interchangeable parts (it's easy to remove and install items, like grips and glossy/matte controller shells), ideal analog stick movements and a 9.8 foot cord that lets you move around with ease. It even comes with a protective travel case, if the gamers on your list prefer to take their skills on the go. (Recommended by Robert Workman, TND's gaming expert @TheDCD)

5 Best Tech Gifts Under $100