8 Stocking Stuffers For Gamers

With less than two weeks and counting until Christmas arrives, you're probably scrambling to finish up all your holiday shopping. But what do you get for those kids — and adults — who love video games? We've got you covered with some excellent — and affordable — last-minute stocking stuffers.

i-Cade 8-Bitty Retro Wireless Game Controller For Mobile ($30, Thinkgeek.com)

This Bluetooth wireless game controller is perfect for someone who loves to play retro games on an iPad or Android device. It feels like a classic Nintendo Entertainment System pad, with four interactive buttons and an old-school directional pad. 8-Bitty works with all accessible iCade-compatible releases (including "Activision Anthology," "Midway Arcade" and "Namco Arcade") and comes packaged with a code to download "Missile Command." Additional games sell for around a buck each.

"Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" Blu-Ray ($25, most retailers)

Microsoft went all out promoting "Halo 4," even producing a five-chapter live-action series that would serve as a precursor to happenings in the game. Originally aired on YouTube, the sci-fi adventure is now on Blu-ray, complete with a variety of extras, including behind-the-scenes features, audio commentary (with one featuring "Halo 4" producer Frank O'Connor) and concept art.

Nintendo NES Controller Belt Buckle ($20, stylinonline.com)

For those who want to show their gaming heritage, this belt buckle is a must. Officially licensed by Nintendo and made of chrome that can withstand even the chubbiest of stomachs (good thing, with the holidays coming up), this buckle, shaped to look like a classic NES pad, lets people know just how nerdy you – or your gift receiver – really are. And since no one makes Nintendo pants just yet, this is the next best thing.

Microsoft Points Card/Sony PlayStation Network Card (price varies, various retailers)

If you're not sure what game to get for that special gamer in your life, let them choose. Using a Microsoft Points Card for the Xbox 360 or a PlayStation Network value card for the PlayStation 3/PS Vita, gamers access virtual currency to buy whatever downloads they wish, whether it's add-on content, arcade games or even full game releases. The value varies, ranging from $10-$50. Sure beats a fruitcake.

Portal Bookends ($30, Thinkgeek.com)

Whether you're organizing books, videos or games, these "Portal"-inspired bookends should do the trick. Featuring Valve's iconic "plain man" traveling through a portal, these are perfect for both fans of the game and those of you tired of the same old bookends.

Lootcrate Subscription (price varies, Lootcrate.com)

Think of Lootcrate as a Geek Gift of the Month club. By subscribing a loved one to the service, he or she receives a monthly package that includes a number of doodads, samples and oddities, ranging from a Rubik's Cube keychain to a Master Chief (of "Halo" fame) T-shirt to a sample of zombie beef jerky. It changes each month, and some even have themes, including special packages based on Doctor Who and Batman. Subscriptions range from $17 a month to $109 for six months.

"Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed" ($40, Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Nintendo Wii U)

This game should appeal to players of all skills and ages. It throws various Sega characters and settings (including ones inspired by the "Sonic the Hedgehog" series) into an ever-changing racing universe. You'll drive on land one minute, then cruise on water or fly in the air the next. With both online racing options and split-screen support for multiple players, "All Stars Racing Transformed" is splendid fun.

"Midway Arcade Origins" ($30, Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

This collection is a fine choice for that special someone who lives and breathes classic games. Featuring 30 favorites from the '80s and '90s, this package offers such favorites as "Marble Madness," both "Joust" games and "Robotron 2084" — all supported by online leaderboards and a convenient menu interface that shows you each game in action. You can also play friends with certain titles, such as "Smash T.V.," where soldiers fight through an interactive game show.

8 Stocking Stuffers For Gamers