Tech Solutions for 2013 Resolutions

If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2013 is to actually keep your resolutions, then these tech solutions might help.

Save Money

<p>You need a budget, so you need <a href=>You Need A Budget,</a> one of the more popular personal finance management tools out there. The general principles are available free in e-book and webinar form, but if you want the companion software, it'll set you back $60. </p>

Get a Better Job

<p>There's no shortage of job apps out there. Pocket Resume is a true mobile tool, letting you build or edit a resume on the go, then formatting it for you, so you can apply to a job without being in front of a computer. Reviewers claim the Android version is a bit buggy, so stick to the <a href=>iPad or iPhone app</a> for now. </p>

Learn Something New

<p>Babbel's language app lets you study vocabulary words on your phone. Speak the word back to <a href=>the app</a> and it'll rate you on your pronunciation. If you're in front of a "real" computer, try more than 200 college-level classes at Coursera, which will soon allow real college (i.e. transferrable) credits for some of its offerings.</p>

Volunteer to Help Others

<p>Pick a tiny act (clicking a link, watching an ad) from <a href=>Help From Home</a> and do good without changing out of your pajamas. Or if you’re more scientifically minded, you can help researchers out from your computer by participating in a project to track whales, translate ancient Greek (no Greek required), or cure cancer at <a href=></a>. Plus, an app from Zooniverse now lets would-be astronomers classify galaxies from a smartphone. </p>

Eat Better

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br> <p>If you find yourself sneaking snacks from the fridge when nobody's looking, maybe you need a second set of eyes. Autom is a robot that sits on your counter and (gently) chides you to eat better. Its fans say it works better than an app, because apps don't have such an adorable face. Detractors? Well, at $200, it does cost about 200 times the cost of an average iPhone app.</p>

Stress Less

<p>Get your meditation on with <a href=>MindWave Mobile</a>, an EEG headset and companion app. Wear the headset and the app helps you visualize whether your mind is truly relaxed while meditating or wandering. The kit also includes a few games so you can blow up a barrel or cast magic spells with your mind.</p>

Be Greener

<p>Compost your food scraps (even meat and dairy) hassle-free with NatureMill's <a href=>automatic composter</a>. The device, which fits neatly under a kitchen sink, heats and aerates your scraps so you don't have to. (If worms don't make you squeamish, there are much cheaper ways to get your green on — but this is a tech site.)</p>

Take A Vacation

<p>You may feel better about taking that European vacation if you know you can stay connected to friends, family and colleagues without roaming fees. <a href=>TripButler</a> lets you rent a portable, pocket-sized wifi hotspot with a modest amount of data for a small fee (varies by country destination).</p>

Lose Weight

<p>The <a href=>Nike+ Fuelband</a> tracks your cardio throughout the day and tells you when you've earned "fuel" for activities. Combine it with Nike's other products to earn the most points ever, to get fitter and shape up. </p>

Be More Productive, Anywhere

<p>No longer fear that your phone's battery will die when you're answering emails on the go or that you won't be able to charge your tablet at the coffee shop because some jerk took the last outlet. The <a href=>Innergie PocketCell</a> is no larger than a tube of toothpaste, but carries enough charge to juice up two smartphones fully or a tablet halfway.</p>

10 Techy Ways To Keep Your New Years' Resolutions