<p></p> <p>The iPad hasn't even hit store shelves yet, but it's already sold out. The first batch of iPads has already been snatched up by people who pre-ordered it online, and anyone who wants to order the device now will have to wait until April 12 to get their hands on one. An analysis by a team at Investor Village's AAPL Sanity board estimated 120,000 iPads were sold online during the first 24 hours. So is Steve Jobs pumping his fist in triumph or holding his head in disappointment?</p> <p>If past launches of other tech products are anything to go by, Apple may have a hit on its hands. Below are sales figures for some other devices that have been introduced in the past few years.</p> <p>Of course, initial sales figures are not always a reliable predictor of success or failure. The MacBook Air, for example, sold out every day in major cities across America for two months following its launch in Jan. 2008, but current sales have lagged.</p> <p>Also, the iPod sold only a paltry 129,000 units its first quarter back in 2001, and then went on to be a phenomenal success with more than 100 million users.</p> <p>Analyst firm Goldman Sachs estimated that Apple will sell 6 million iPads this year, while research firm Gartner puts the iPad sales projection at 4.2 million units.</p> <p>Image Credit: Apple</p> <p></p>

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<p></p> <p><strong>Kindle</strong></p> <p>While there are no official sales reports from Kindle’s manufacturer Amazon, analysts estimate that about 1.5 million Kindle units were sold by the end of 4th quarter 2009, making the Amazon Kindle the most popular ereader in the world. As a category-defining device, the original Kindle sold out in just 5-1/2 hours.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Amazon<br>Released: November 19, 2007<br>Initial 24 hour sales: $443,000*<br>Units: 1,100<br>Price: $399 (at launch)<br>*Analysts estimate Kindle sales at 500,000 over its first five quarters, so daily estimate based on that general figure.</p> <p>Image Credit: Amazon</p> <p></p>

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<p></p> <p><strong>iPod</strong></p> <p>The now iconic iPod digital music player started with modest first quarter sales of under a million dollars on 129,000 units, and has subsequently revolutionized the music industry.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Apple<br>Released: November 10, 2001<br>Initial 24 hour sales: $978,000*<br>Units: 2,451 <br>List Price: $399<br>*Figure based on Apple’s earnings release for Q4 2001.</p> <p>Image Credit: Apple</p> <p></p>

<strong><img src="images/stories/nexus-one-02.jpg" border="0" alt="Google Nexus One" title="Google Nexus One"></strong>

<p></p> <p><strong>The Nexus One</strong></p> <p>The first device offered by Google, the Nexus One Android smartphone got off to a disappointing start. Goldman Sachs analyst recently reduced their 2010 sales projections for the Nexus One from 3.5 million units to 2 million, but acknowledged Google’s decision to not affiliate itself with any one cell phone carrier and its small marketing push  may account for its slow start compared to the launch of the Droid smartphone, which was supported by a $100 million ad budget from Verizon.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Google/HTC<br>Initial 24 hour sales: $1.5 million*<br>Units: 80,000 first month, 20,000 first week, according to Flurry Analytics* <br>List Price: $529 (unlocked, $179 with two year contract)<br>*Figure based on estimated one day sale, unlocked price</p> <p>Image Credit: Google<a href=""></a></p> <p></p>

<strong><img src="images/stories/ipod-touch-02.jpg" border="0" alt="iPod Touch" title="iPod Touch"></strong>

<p></p> <p><strong>iPod Touch</strong></p> <p>Apple’s top-of-the-line Wi-Fi-enabled digital music player which offers all of the functionality of the iPhone without the phone. Apple doesn’t break down its iPod sales figures, but analysts put the number at 7.2 million units at the end of 2009.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Apple<br>Released: September 13, 2007<br>Initial 24 hour sales: $4.6 million*<br>Units: 15,484<br>Price: $299<br>*Figure based on sales over first 15 months.</p> <p>Image Credit: Apple</p> <p></p>

<strong><img src="images/stories/xbox360-02.jpg" border="0" alt="Xbox 360" title="Xbox 360"></strong>

<p></p> <p><strong>Xbox 360</strong></p> <p>One of three contenders for top gaming console, the Xbox 360 launched in Nov. 2005, more than six months ahead of Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii, giving Microsoft’s platform a 10 million unit head start on the competition.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Microsoft<br>Released: November 22, 2005<br>Initial 24 hour sales: $14.5 million*<br>Units: 36,222 <br>List Price: $399<br>*Figure based on NDP Group report that North American sales totaled 326,000 units in November 2005.</p> <p>Image Credit: Microsoft</p> <p></p>

<strong><img src="images/stories/wii-02.jpg" border="0" alt="Wii" title="Wii"></strong>

<p></p> <p><strong>Nintendo Wii</strong></p> <p>Nintendo’s family oriented, motion-based game console has sold more units than both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, making it the leading game console in the world. As a matter of fact, the Wii has sold nearly as many systems as the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Nintendo<br>Released: November 19, 2006<br>Initial 24-hour sales: $18.5 million*<br>Units: 74,186<br>List Price: $250<br>*Figure based on 3.19 million units worldwide as of Dec. 2006 per research firm NPD Group.</p> <p>Image Credit: Nintendo</p> <p></p>

<strong><img src="images/stories/droid-02.jpg" border="0" alt="Droid" title="Droid"></strong>

<p></p> <p><strong>Verizon’s Motorola Droid</strong></p> <p>The top-selling Android-based phone in the U.S. and third favorite smartphone overall for 4th quarter 2009 according to research firm IDC.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Motorola<br>Released: November 5, 2009<br>Initial 24 hour sales: $30 million<br>Units: 50,000 (100,000 sold during first weekend, according to Broadpoint AmTech)<br>Price: $600 (unlocked, $200 with 2-year contract)<br>*Figure based on one day estimate, unlocked price</p> <p>Image Credit: Verizon</p> <p></p>

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<p></p> <p><strong>Apple iPad</strong></p> <p>Apple's new tablet, the iPad, was introduced by Steve Jobs in January and the buzz has been nonstop ever since. Vocal critics and supporters joined the fray leading up to the opening of online pre-orders last week.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Apple<br>Released: March 12, 2010<br>Initial 24 hour sales: $78 million*<br>Units: 120,000<br>List Price: $500 - $800<br>*Figure used to calculate sales based on an average sales price.sed on reported first 3-day sales, unlocked price</p> <p>Image Credit: Apple</p> <p></p>

<strong><img src="images/stories/iphone-02.jpg" border="0" alt="iPhone 3GS" title="iPhone 3GS"></strong>

<p></p> <p><strong>iPhone 3GS</strong></p> <p>The iPhone 3GS is the second best-selling phone in 4th quarter 2009 according to research firm IDC.</p> <p>Manufacturer: Apple<br>Released: July 11, 2009<br>Initial 24 hour sales: $300 million*<br>Units: 333,333 [1 million units worldwide in first 3 days]<br>List Price: $199 (2-year contract) ($899.99 unlocked retail price)<br>*Figure based on reported first 3-day sales, unlocked price</p> <p>Image Credit: Apple</p> <p></p>

<strong><img src="images/stories/mw2-02.jpg" border="0" alt="Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2" title="Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2"></strong>

<p></p> <p><strong>Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2</strong></p> <p>No. 1 in all-time sales of a video game.</p> <p>Publisher: Activision<br>Released: November 10, 2009<br>Initial 24-hour sales: $310 million<br>Units: 4.7 million<br>List Price: $59.99</p> <p>Image Credit: Activision</p>

iPad Preorders Compared to Other Popular Tech Devices