<p></p> <p>Today is the best day of the year — if you're into tricking people, that is. Some of the biggest tech companies get into the tomfoolery, and those more buttoned-down ones often become the target of bloggers having fun at the notion of anyone gullible enough to believe truly outrageous claims.</p> <p>Here's a rundown of some of this year's best April Fools' Day jokes in the tech world.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google gets goofy with Gmail</strong>

<p style="text-align: center;">{youtube Bu927_ul_X0&amp;feature=player_embedded}</p> <p></p> <p>Never a company that takes itself too seriously (its informal motto: "Don't be evil"), Google today announced Gmail Motion, a new way to control the popular email service with bodily movements. A user's webcam supposedly records a gesture and then <a alt="((CONLINK|2050|Gmail))" href="">Gmail</a> performs an action — for example, putting two fists in the air codes for "reply all," and raising a right leg equates to "send."</p> <p>Check out the video above for more details on this exciting software development, now (cough, cough) in beta testing.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Hewlett-Packard (HP) seeks Charlie Sheen</strong>

<p style="text-align: center;"></p> <p></p> <p>HP is hardly the first company that comes to mind when thinking of corporate yuk-yuks. Scandals, including a sexual harassment claim that led to a CEO's resignation in 2009, have also rocked the tech firm.</p> <p>Perhaps that's why blogger Tom Foremski decided in jest to link HP with the biggest media spectacle of 2011: actor Charlie Sheen.</p> <p>Foremski wrote in a blog that HP plans to have <a href=";content">Sheen join its board</a> to help advise on media strategies. Sheen's theatrics over the years involving adult film stars and drugs reached a boiling point earlier this year when he was fired from his gig on TV's "Two and a Half Men," but the actor, who has claimed he has "tiger blood" in his veins, for example, has <a alt="((CONLINK|834|exploded%20on%20social%20media))" href="">exploded on social media</a> and is "winning," to quote another of his instant catchphrases.</p> <p>The faux corporate move by HP comes on the heels of a real move by Intel earlier this year that smacked of April fooldom – the computer chip maker brought Black Eyed Peas' frontman onto its board as "director of creative innovation."</p> <p></p>

<strong>YouTube reaches back to the days of yore</strong>

<p style="text-align: center;">{youtube CNm8ZCJ7Fx8&amp;feature=player_embedded#at=13}</p> <p></p> <p>Although it might feel like YouTube has been a fact of life for generations, the top online video site is barely six years old. YouTube plays on its seeming eternalness on the official company blog, Broadcasting Ourselves, writing today: "It’s hard to believe that just a century ago, YouTube was a fledgling video site for paupers and presidents alike. Today, we celebrate 100 years of YouTube, and we thought we would reflect on our inaugural year with a re-print of our first blog post from 1911."</p> <p>That first blog post was a guest post from then-President William Taft, who went on to extol the importance of boxing cat videos and other classic YouTube fare.</p> <p>As a courtesy, YouTube also put together the top five viral videos of 1911. Check them out in all their flickering sepia glory above. (Also note the "YouTube 1911" logo in the site's upper left.)</p> <p></p>

<strong>Finger calisthenics with Chromercise</strong>

<p style="text-align: center;">{youtube RjbkAECbDBE&amp;feature=player_embedded}</p> <p></p> <p>Another one of Google's jokes today (the company loves April Fools' Day) is an exercise regimen for users' hands and fingers to speed up Internet searches on Google's browser, Chrome. [Read: <a alt="((CONLINK|2255|Best%20Internet%20Browsers%20in%202011))" href="">Best Internet Browsers in 2011</a> ]</p> <p>Google suggests users purchase "finger sweatbands" and stretch before and after any "Chromercise."</p> <p>Give your digits a workout with the above video.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Back to the 1990s on Hulu</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>Video streaming site <a alt="((CONLINK|1668|Hulu))" href="">Hulu</a> 's homepage today is dedicated to the 1990s and its grainy video. Watch whole episodes of some of the decade's hit TV shows, including "The X-Files" and "Chicago Hope," and check out videos from then-breaking artists such as the Dave Mathews Band and Radiohead.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Spotify coming to U.S. and Grooveshark cranks the awesome</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p><a alt="((CONLINK|1169|Music%20streaming))" href="">Music streaming</a> is an already popular and growing service online. Spotify is one of the major players, but only in Europe thus far, though it has had its eye on the potentially lucrative U.S. market for some time.</p> <p>The blog <a href="">TechCrunch</a> farcically posted today that Spotify has opted to fund a venture across the Atlantic by shutting down service for its million-plus European users. The blog pretends to quote Spotify investor Sean Parker of Napster and <a alt="((CONLINK|1211|Facebook%20fame))" href="">Facebook fame</a> as saying “Europe isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? America."</p> <p>Another smaller though international music streaming site, Grooveshark, gets in on today's buffoonery by gussying up its homepage with eye-straining, over-the-top 3-D graphics involving a shark that are "a journey to the center of your face."</p> <p></p>

<strong>Groupon seizes April Fools' Day</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>The hot deal-of-the-day website <a href="">Groupon</a> has a patent application in place to acquire the rights to owning April Fools' Day, which from now on would be called Groupon Presents April Fools' Day.</p> <p>On an expansive Web page dedicated to the absurd maneuver, Groupon warns other corporations to get in line with the new nomenclature or risk facing "friendly, but swift, but [sic] hostile, legal actions."</p> <p>Poke around and read the phony patent application, browse the prank shop and read a detailed FAQ about Groupon's latest big deal.</p> <p>•    <a alt="((CONLINK|2335|10%20Inventions%20That%20Were%20Ahead%20of%20Their%20Time%20))" href="">10 Inventions That Were Ahead of Their Time </a> <br>•    <a alt="((CONLINK|2021|Frustrated%20Computer%20Users%20Curse%20at%20Devices,%20Pick%20Up%20Baseball%20Bats%20))" href="">Frustrated Computer Users Curse at Devices, Pick Up Baseball Bats </a> <br>•    <a alt="((CONLINK|865|11%20Technologies%20in%20Danger%20of%20Going%20Extinct%20))" href="">11 Technologies in Danger of Going Extinct </a> <br><br></p>

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