<p></p> <p>Google announced it will close the doors on Google Labs as it focuses on other areas of the company. Google Labs has been a major tool for research and innovation during Google's tenure as the most important search engine in the world. In fact, many of the products you use came straight out of Google Labs.</p> <p>Let's take a look at the 10 best innovations to come <a alt="((CONLINK|2920|out%20of%20Google%20Labs))" href="">out of Google Labs</a> . Some you may not use, others you can't live without, but they're all interesting.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google Maps</strong>

<p><span class="apple-style-span"><span style="font-size: 8.5pt; font-family: "><br></span></span></p> <p></p> <p>This handy little service has become so ubiquitous that it's hard to remember how we lived without it. <a alt="((CONLINK|1862|It%20can%20show%20you%20maps))" href="">It can show you maps</a> , satellite views, directions, distance, businesses and landmarks. It's your personal look into just about any place you can go, and some you can't.</p> <p><span class="apple-style-span"><span style="font-size: 8.5pt; font-family: "></span></span></p>

<strong>Google Docs and Spreadsheets</strong>

<p><span class="apple-style-span"><span style="font-size: 8.5pt; font-family: "><br></span></span></p> <p></p> <p>As demand for cloud-based computing increases, Google's early foray into cloud-hosted documents and spreadsheets seems downright prophetic, or at least ahead of its time. No more emailing docs to yourself; Google Docs are available from anywhere you can access the Internet, and they can be <a alt="((CONLINK|1561|shared%20and%20edited%20by%20others))" href="">shared and edited by others</a> , too.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google Alerts</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>Why go looking for information when it can come to you? Google Alerts let you pick keywords, such as your name, a brand you fancy, or an issue you feel strongly about. Google scours the Internet and news feeds and every time that term comes up, it sends the appropriate link to you. It's the easiest way to stay up-to-date on a topic.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google Reader</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>There are plenty of RSS feed readers out there, but Google made one that works well and integrates with its other services, including the Android platform.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google Body</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>It's Google Maps for the human body, and it's not just for med students. Google Body gives an incredibly detailed look at all the various parts and pieces that make up the bodies we live in, and it's one fascinating place to explore.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google Suggest</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>This is a relatively recent one. Have you noticed that when you start typing in the Google search box that Google has predicted what you want before you even type it or has suggested an alternative that actually yields better results? It's a small tweak, but massively useful and cuts down on search time.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google Goggles</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>This is easily the most futuristic technology of the bunch. Google Goggles can take a simple smartphone camera and use it as a sort of visual search engine. It can detect what is in the camera's field of view, be it a book or a famous landmark, and overlay information about it on the screen, as well as pull up resources that can explain it even further.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google Scholar</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>This is a Google search, but from approved sources in the scientific community. When you want to make sure that your results are from scholarly and reputable sources, Google Scholar is a huge boon. It can access all the free scientific research out there.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Android App Inventor</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>Just about everyone has an idea for an app of some sort, but only a tiny fraction of them actually have the programming knowhow to make it. <a alt="((CONLINK|747|Android%20App%20Inventor%20levels%20the%20playing%20field))" href="">Android App Inventor levels the playing field</a> by creating a simplified development environment that anyone can use.</p> <p></p>

<strong>Google Trends</strong>

<p></p> <p></p> <p>It's the Internet Age, so of course you want to know what other people are searching for. Google Trends tracks the fluctuating whims of users and documents which terms people are most interested in at the moment.</p>

The 10 Best Google Labs Innovations