On a budget? Don't get caught in this holiday trap.

<p>Budget are tight again this holiday season, so giving one great family gift instead of a bundle of small ones makes sense.</p> <p>The secret is to make a budget and stick to it.</p> <p>“Just as it’s difficult to stay thrifty when you go grocery shopping while hungry, going gift shopping without deciding ahead of time how much to spend can wreak havoc on your finances,” Emily Guy Birken notes on the blog for the savings-reward program SaveUp.</p> <p>“This is especially true if you feel like you need to spend a similar amount on each family member – and then feel the need to 'catch up,' gift-wise, for everyone else when you find something perfect and expensive for your brother,” she writes.</p> <p>Here are some great family gifts for under $200.</p>

Wireless Karaoke Mic for iPad, iPhone

<p>For families with an iOS 5 device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), a $100 wireless mic available from Brookstone, paired with Soulo’s free app from iTunes, will turn the device into a source for musical entertainment that will grab the spotlight this holiday season. The app lets singers sing, record and share their videos. The app lets users sing to any song in their music library, while the wireless receiver suppresses the sound of lyrics for a more authentic karaoke experience.</p>

Roku Streaming Media Player

<p>The Roku 2 XD is a streaming media player that adds more than 300 Internet-based channels to an HDTV, including family favorites such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora and Disney. The palm-size, wireless box streams full HD 1080p shows and is expandable with a microSD card, so families can view their own photos and video from the Roku on their big-screen TV. At $80, it’s an affordable way to put the smarts into your HDTV.</p> <p>If there’s something left over in the gift budget, bundle the Roku with a gift certificate to one of its integrated services. For instance, Amazon gift certificates, available in amounts from $10 to $100, could be used to rent or buy movies.</p>

Smart Blu-ray Player

<p>With all the hype over streaming media, most families have a DVD and Blu-ray collection that still offers better visual and sound quality than streaming content does. If they haven’t replaced their DVD player, they’ll be delighted to find out that this year’s Blu-ray players not only play their discs but add Internet channels — all the “smarts” of a connected TV. And many players are now Wi-Fi-capable, eliminating an additional cable to the household router. Try the top-rated Samsung BD-D6700 3-D Blu-ray disc player, whose price has recently dropped below $200 at major electronic retailers.</p>

Kinect for Xbox 360

<p>Turn an Xbox 360 into a family activity center with Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor. The controller-less camera accessory sits on top of a TV and offers hands-free gaming appropriate for a wide variety of ages. Look for holiday bundles that include at least one game. Walmart has the Kinect plus one game — choose between Kinect Game Party: In Motion for teens, Dance Masters for kids ages 10 and up, or Sonic Freeriders for everyone — specially priced at $165.</p>

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

<p>RIM has just announced a huge price drop in its PlayBook, a 7-inch tablet. For what RIM calls “a limited time,” the PlayBook can be had for $199, comparably priced to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. But there’s a big difference between the two tablets that makes the PlayBook far more suitable for family giving: an HDMI port. That means the PlayBook can be connected to a family’s HDTV to enjoy content on a screen big enough for everyone.</p>

5 Great Family Gifts for Under $200