It's not too late to get great gifts.

<p>Whether by car or by plane, chances are you know someone who will be traveling this holiday season. A thoughtful gifted gadget can soothe frayed nerves, entertain during unexpected delays, keep travelers in touch with their friends and family and create memories that bring joy long after the trip is over.</p> <p>It’s not too late. The average person has completed less than half of their holiday shopping as of last week and 37 million people (16.5 percent) have not even started, according to a survey from the National Retail Association. These gifts are affordable (under $100), reliable and, most important during this time of the year, available from local stores.</p> <p> Tip: If you want to know which nearby stores have the product you’re looking for, try typing in the name of the product in the Google search box. When your results are displayed, select “Shopping” from the left-side panel. Choose “nearby stores” to find a listing of stores, location map and prices.</p>

NuTouch Gloves for Touchscreen Devices

<p>If you’ve tried to use a touch-screen phone while wearing ordinary gloves, you know it doesn’t work. Most touch screens are capacitive, meaning that an electrical conductor — in this case, your fingers — are used to alter the electromagnetic field of the screen and operate the phone. Gloves block conduction.</p> <p>Newer Technology released gloves that have conductive fiber woven into all 10 fingers, so iPhone, iPad and other touch screen users can type away while their hands stay warm. Other brands may offer conductive fiber on just the thumbs and forefinger of their gloves, so check carefully before you buy. The NuTouch gloves cost $20 and are available from independent computer stores. Check for locations.</p>

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

<p>A wireless mouse will improve the experience of using a netbook or laptop, especially if you use a desktop at home. The device comes with an integrated USB stick that detaches from the mouse and fits into a laptop. Before you buy, consider the size of the mouse. A full-size device will feel more familiar than a slimmed-down model.<p> </p>Try Microsoft’s Arc Touch. Its ingenious design allows the mouse to lay flat for slipping into a laptop sleeve or pocket and then pops up into a comfortable curvy shape when in use. It’s the difference between an ergonomic office chair and a metal folding one. The Arc Touch mouse is available from Office Max, Office Depot and Best Buy for around $60.</p>

Kindle E-Reader

<p>Next up is the Kindle — a reliable, high-quality e-reader for $79. For someone who loves to read and values simplicity, this is a winning device.</p> <p>My 22-year-old son who just bought himself a pricey, powerful laptop — he says it’s a must for his engineering classes, but I’ll bet it’s just as useful for video games — asked for the Kindle. “I don’t want the color one or the touch screen, just the plain Kindle.” Done.</p> <p>The Kindle is now available at many stores, including most Radio Shack, Target, Walmart and Staples locations.</p>

Canon Selphy Mini Photo Printer

<p>In a world that’s gone digital, there’s something magical about a photo you can hold in your hand. The Canon Selphy weighs just two pounds and is about the size of a thick paperback book. It prints postcard and credit-card-size photos from a camera’s memory card, a USB drive and via Bluetooth with compatible cellphones.</p> <p>The printer includes a handful of editing features, such as automatic portrait correction (a quick fix for faces that are too dark against background light), five color effects and “image shuffle” to create mini-collages. The water-resistant photos print in under a minute — good for eager little hands on Christmas morning. The Selphy printer costs around $99 and can be found at most Walmart, Sears and Sam’s Club locations.</p>

Sony Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

<p>Travel is noisy. Noise-cancelling headphones can reduce background noise, but traditional over-the-ear models can be cumbersome and expensive. Earlier this year, Sony released noise-cancelling earbuds that claim to cut 87 percent of background noise and are the same size as an ordinary set of earbuds with the addition of a small box attached to the cord. The 0.7-ounce box generates “anti-noise,” so wearers can listen to music at a normal volume. The set runs for 100 hours per charge, using one AAA battery. Sony’s MDRNC13 earbuds are stocked at Best Buy.</p>

Brookstone Tranquil Moment Alarm Clock

<p>Few things are worse than wrestling with a hotel alarm clock and never being sure that the alarm will go off at the designated time — or worse, waking to earsplitting static. A sound therapy travel alarm could provide a reliable wake-up call and can also be used to relax after a marathon of family visits.</p> <p>The Tranquil Moment from Brookstone offers four relaxation sounds, including ocean surf and “jet lag reduction,” along with a selection of sounds designed for sleep. It also functions as an alarm clock. Priced at $99.</p>

7 Gadget Gifts for Holiday Travelers