Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Hybrid

Improving on the original ThinkPad X1, the Hybrid switches instantly to a low-power OS to save battery life.

Ears-on with the Sonomax Eers SD150 Headphones

For the do-it-yourself audiophile, Sonomax now has a kit to let you make your own custom-fit earbuds.

Viewsonic ViewPad e70

Could Viewsonic's $169 ViewPad e70 Android tablet beat the Kindle Fire at its own game?

Sony VAIO Ultrabook concept

Sony gave us a sneak peek at its ultrabook, coming later this year.

Victorinox SSD

MacGuyver never had a Swiss Army knife like this. This little gadget packs up to a terabyte of storage, and can still slice an apple.

Toshiba tablet concepts

Ranging from 5 to 13 inches, Toshiba showed off several tablet prototypes for users of all sizes.

Sony VAIO Hybrid concept

Combining a tablet with a keyboard, this svelte Windows 8 concept has about a 12-inch touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, and pen input.

Satarii Swivl

This neat little gizmo attaches to your iPhone, then follows wherever you take its remote control.

Seagate 4G LTE Wireless Drive

Seagate's 4G LTE Wireless Drive not only lets you download content using Verizon Wireless' blazing 4G LTE network, but also stream and share it with up to three people.

Sony VAIO Slate concept

A rubber-like material on the bottom of Sony' concept 10-inch tablet expands to double as a stand.

Splashtop THD

Ever want to play Skyrim on a tablet? You can, using Splashtop THD, a remote desktop app optimized for Tegra-powered Android devices.

CES 2012 Day 4: What You May Have Missed