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It takes more than a 55-inch HDTV, chips and chili to round out Super Bowl Sunday. Load your smartphone or tablet with game-day apps to see footage you can’t get on the big screen, win prizes and brush up on NFL trivia.</p>

NFL Mobile | Verizon iPhone and Android phones | Free

<p>For the first time, the big game will be live-streamed to mobile phones, but only through Verizon. NFL Mobile app will offer additional camera angles, in-game highlights and updated stats as the game progresses. However, different ads will play on the app than on NBC’s live broadcast. The NFL says app users will be able to view replays of the broadcast ads. Verizon is waiving its $10 a month video fee for 4G customers, but others will have to subscribe to VCast to see the live stream. One big caution — watching the game may put you over your data limit. Alternately, fans can watch the game live on their computers at and without risking data overages.</p>LINK</p>

NFL Pro Tweets | iPhone | Free

<p>A single app pulls together real-time tweets from NFL players on one tab and sports-media comments on another. Pro Tweets is sponsored by the NFL Players Association. You’ll login with your Twitter account. You must be at least 17 years old to download the app — players’ comments are unedited and could provide some colorful commentary that might be inappropriate for younger fans.</p>LINK</p>

ESPN ScoreCenter | iPhone | Kindle Fire | Sony, Samsung smart TVs |Free

<p>You pick the teams to follow on this app from ESPN. Scores are delivered the moment they happen, so if you have to step away from the big screen, you’ll have your small screen to stay in the action. No iPhone? No problem. ESPN also has a web version compatible with any phone browser, they say. This app is available on some smart TVs for those who would rather watch Vampire Diaries and still keep tabs on the score — the beauty of picture within a picture.</p> LINK</p>

Giants Mobile | iPhone, Android, BlackBerry | Free

<p>Direct from the New York Giants franchise, the app offers real-time news, video clips of player interviews, photo galleries from past games and player depth charts by offense, defense and special teams. The free mobile app is available to download by texting “GIANTS” to 51288 or by searching for “New York Giants Mobile” in iTunes, Android Marketplace or BlackBerry App World.</p> LINK</p>

New England Patriots 2011 | iPhone, iPad, Android | Free

<p>The official app for the New England Patriots. Similar content to the Giants app, with the addition of cheerleader photos. The team’s app for iPhone is different than the one for iPad. The former is free, but Patriot Football Daily for iPad — a magazine-style publication — is free for only a one-week trial, after that it will cost $20 for a one-year subscription. But the seven-day free period will cover all the pregame and postgame information you need.</p> LINK</p>

Chevy Game Time | iPhone, iPad, Android | Free

<p>The car company and its partners, including Motorola, Bridgestone, SiriusXM and the NFL, offer a win-big game app to play during commercial breaks. It’s too late to register for the contest to win a new car, but you still have a shot at smaller prizes such as phones, tires, pizza and NFL Store gift cards awarded during the game. Chevy has added lots of ways to interact with the app during the game, including answering trivia questions, responding to polls and sharing your progress with friends on Facebook and Twitter.</p> LINK</p>

Shazam | iPhone,iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7, Nokia | Free

<p>Many of this year’s Super Bowl ads will offer more than entertainment. At least 17 brands will run “Shazam-able” commercials, which can lead app users to special content, coupons, free music downloads and other promotions. (We won’t know who until after Feb. 2 when the advertising embargo is lifted.) Often Shazam capabilities are indicated by a logo on the screen, but sometimes it’s mentioned in the spot — yes, the app can detect pre-programmed phrases — Shazam! Free stuff.</p> LINK</p>

7 Super Apps for the NFL's Big Game