Android Security App Shootout

In a technological time where hackers are coming out of the woodwork and lost or stolen devices are common, protecting your information is a top priority. Luckily, more and more established security players are entering the mobile game. The following four security apps feature a variety of user and Web interfaces, customization options, privacy features and backup options, but some do the job better than others. Read on to see who takes home the prize for best mobile security app.

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Kaspersky Mobile Security

From its interface to its granular customization options, Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 provides the kind of experience we've come to expect from one of the company's PC offerings. But like its desktop software, Mobile Security 9 also has its share of shortcomings. Still, at $9.95, Mobile Security 9 is easily the least expensive premium security suite we've seen.

Free (Standard), $9.95 (Premium)

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Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout has made quite a name for itself in the mobile security market. The company's Mobile Security app has garnered millions of downloads and a good deal of critical acclaim. But as more established players in the security software arena enter the mobile game, Lookout finds itself having to compete with the likes of McAfee and Kaspersky. The good news is that the app offers top-notch protection and an easy-to-use interface. Read on to find out if this $29 app is strong enough to keep the big dogs at bay.

Free (Standard), $29 (Premium)

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McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is one of the best known names in PC security software, so it's no surprise that the company would make its way to mobile devices. Enter McAfee Mobile Security. The app, which runs on Android, Blackberry--even Symbian devices--goes a long way in offering users the kind of functionality they would expect from more niche offerings. But is this app worth $29?

Free (Standard), $29.99 (Premium)

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Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile

Webroot has a history of offering products with a clean, easy to use interface and top-notch privacy protection features, and the company's SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier is no exception. The app, which costs $19 per year for a single device, offers robust security features including remote device tracking, locking and data wiping, as well as call and message blocking. But for a mobile security app to stand out, it has to offer more than just privacy protection and a nice-looking interface. Read on to find out if SecureAnywhere is a must-have app. Free (Standard), $9.95 (Premium)

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Android Security App Shootout