NEW YORK CITY — In the midst of the protests of the Arab Spring last year, designer Kenneth Cole tweeted that the masses of protesters must have actually been lining up to see their spring clothing collection. Meanwhile, a condom maker sent friend requests to people on Facebook from their unborn children.<p> Social media is a magnet for dumb, embarrassing and offensive gaffes. And no one does it better than advertisers, celebs and politicians who don't get this whole Internet thing. Many won recognition for their hard, horrible work at a party in New York City on Feb. 15 called the SUXORZ.<p> An Academy Awards for digital disasters, the event drew an audience of advertising, public relations and Internet startup folks who clapped and tooted party favor horns to vote for the very worst of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Ashton Kutcher Doesn't Watch the News

The "Two and a Half Men" star had half the story when he protested the firing of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.<p> "How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste"<p> He didn't realize Jo Pa had been accused of complacency in the Jerry Sandusky child molestation case.<p> Kutcher is also famous for a strange selection of hashtags, the terms people use to follow a topic. Who would want to read tweets about "insult" or "noclass"?

Durex Insults Half the Planet

Condoms certainly make good material for jokes. But the South African branch of Durex managed to find a joke that was not only incredibly sexist but possibly an invitation to violence against women. <p> The ad men at Durex may not get a chance to use the product in their personal lives for quite a while.

Netflix Calls Itself a Bad Name

The 800-pound gorilla of home video looked like a baboon when it decided to split into separate DVD and online video companies – effectively raising the rates of its loyal customers.<p> Even worse than the name of the short-lived disc-rental company, Qwikster, was the fact that Netflix forgot to do a Google search on it. That would have revealed a stream of alternately banal and potty-mouthed tweets from the guy who owns the @qwikster Twitter handle.

Woody Harrelson Plugs Movie to Wrong Crowd

The actor was a guest on spunky discussion site Reddit for a session called Ask Me Anything. But he tried to turn every answer into a plug for his upcoming film, "Rampart." <p> Reddit's feisty crew was having none of it. One Reddit member, for example, asked Harrelson in great detail about what he claimed had been the actor's debaucherous prom night.

Boners BBQ Lives Up to Its Name

In response to a patron's lackluster Yelp review and what they claim was a failure to leave a tip, employees from the Atlanta-area restaurant chain went ballistic. <p> They dissed the woman on Twitter and Facebook, at one point telling her to "go outside and play hide and go f--- yourself."

JetBlue's Clueless Wireless on the Subway

Scannable QR codes are popping up all over products and advertisements. Apps on smartphones decode the tags and typically go online to open websites with more product information, special offers or entertainment.<p> JetBlue plastered giant QR-code ads in New York subways – which have no cellphone reception.

Anthony Weiner Shows His Namesake to The World

<P> Really, what more is there to say?

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