Smartphone Data Plans: Ultimate Guide | AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon, Prepaid

How Much Data Will Your Money Buy?

Shopping for a smartphone data plan is agonizing. (We know, we did it.)  Some carriers offer data as an add-on to a talk and text plan; some bundle it all together. Some claim to have unlimited plans, but drastically slow speeds once a certain data limit is reached. And a select few really do have unlimited plans.

We checked and rechecked websites, chatted with reps online and quizzed each company's press people in order to get this comprehensive overview.

Begin at the top of the chart to figure out what you want to do (at least for now, you can always upgrade or downgrade). See who provides enough data at the best price and terms. Then check their phones and coverage maps. (Friends can possibly advise you on those last items.)

Happy hunting!

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