Cord cutters grow

<p> Supply and demand? That old economics rule doesn't seem to apply to the cable industry. Though more people are cutting their cable TV service, prices are expected to keep rising. <p> Cable TV prices are expected to rise from today's average of $86 a month to more than $100 by 2015 and $200 by 2020, according to a new report from analyst firm NPD. Meanwhile 3.58 million U.S. cable subscribers will cancel their service, the firm predicts.</p> <p>You can quit cable by getting two simple devices, and you have a choice of services to see almost every popular show aired on TV, plus a big selection of movies. The drawbacks: Sports will be limited, and HBO is a no-go.</p> <p>Still, a premium cable subscription costs about $1,000 a year; with our plan you could cut your bill to less than $450. (What will you do with your savings?)</p>

Indoor HDTV antenna for broadcast channels

<p>Forget old-school rabbit ears, today's antennas pick up more channels and can be almost unnoticeable. The Mohu Leaf looks like a piece of laminated paper that sticks on the wall with Velcro, no assembly required. You'll receive all available broadcast channels, like the ones carrying ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and PBS, including in HD. Price: $37 from</p>

Media streaming box

<p>Beyond the networks, you can get most "cable TV" with affordable media streaming boxes that connect to the Internet wirelessly. Roku 2HD and Apple TV stream movies and shows in full HD, offer free music from Pandora and live sports events by subscription through apps like NBA, MLB and NHL. Both offer Netflix streaming video, but only Apple has YouTube and iTunes, while Roku has Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. Look at the following video services and decide which ones you like best. Then you can buy the right box. Prices: Roku 2HD $80, Apple TV $100</p>

Netflix for movies and TV

<p>Netflix streaming offers movies and full seasons of past TV shows. If it's on DVD, it's most likely on Netflix. Price: $8 per month</p>

Hulu Plus for recent TV, some movies

<p>You're probably familiar with Hulu on your computer, but the premium version of Hulu may come with a few surprises. You'll still see ads on Hulu Plus, and because of byzantine licensing agreements, some Hulu content such as the Food Network is not available on Hulu Plus. However, Hulu Plus offers many TV episodes to watch 24 hours after they're aired on cable, along with past seasons. Unfortunately, it'snot available on Apple TV. Price: $8 per month</p>

On-demand video

<p>If your favorite show or new-to-DVD movie is not available on Netflix or Hulu Plus, chances are you'll find it on one of the growing number of on-demand services, such as iTunes (you'll need Apple TV), Amazon Instant Video or YouTube. The one big exception is current-season HBO — no way around it, you'll have to wait until it comes out on DVDs or find a friend with cable. Price: $2 - $4 each for single TV episodes and movie rentals; $20 to buy.</p>

5 Steps to Cut Cable and Enjoy TV for Half the Price