Gadget Missteps

Tech is all about twofers these days. Internet-connected televisions, game consoles doubling as Blu-Ray players, mobile phones as pocket computers. But not all tech gadget combos succeed, as shown by these eight misfits, past and present.

The JoeyBra

Named after a baby kangaroo, this bra gives women a small pouch to carry their keys, credit cards or smartphone. This idea doesn't seem ridiculous at first, until you realize that the phone is directly under the armpit. It's billed for helping ladies hit the clubs without a purse, but a girl who works up a sweat cutting a rug may drench her iPhone.

Scottevest Transformer Jacket

Changing from a full-sleeved jacket into a vest is a neat trick, even though the Transformer Jacket looks a bit like arctic expedition gear. But load all your electronic gadgets in the 20 hidden pockets, and it becomes as heavy as a suit of armor. We hope no one tries to give you a hug: it might crack the iPad in your front pocket.

Coleco Adam

The "Donkey Kong" creator also made a home computer. The Adam was a combination computer and Coleco game console, used with your television circa 1983. When powering on, the computer produced a huge electromagnetic surge that erased information, and 50 percent of the game console tape drives were defective. Coleco abandoned the Adam in 1985 and filed for bankruptcy in 1988.

ASUS EeeKeyboard PC

It looks like a simple keyboard, but the ASUS EeeKeyboard PC is a full computer that uses your TV as the monitor. Underpowered with an Intel Atom processor, the EeeKeyboard is essentially a netbook — at about twice the price, without a screen.

The Integrated Toilet

This design from Dang Jingwei combines a sink, mirror vanity and toilet. The water storage tank below the sink that collects "gray water" for flushing is a clever eco feature. But for further water savings, the toilet bowl is orange to hide stains and "reduce the frequency of cleaning." Who'd like to straddle an infrequently cleaned toilet to apply their make-up or brush their teeth?

LG Refrigerator with Wi-Fi

This $3,300 fridge has a built-in computer with a 10.1-inch LCD screen, opposite the ice water dispenser. And it's Wi-Fi-enabled so you can access the Internet and use your smartphone to "get all your food storage info on the go." Despite a chilly response from consumers, LG has been building Internet fridges for about a decade and promoted a new version at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

Radio Toaster

This combo gives you toast and tunes. It allows users to change toast settings (to "bagel" or "thaw") while also listening to Morning Edition on NPR. You can customize FM channel settings as well as remove crumbs from a slide-out tray.

The Remote Wrangler

This delightful combo from 2007 gives you a facial massage and keeps track of your many remotes — stuck on your head for easy access. We can't say these are particularly stylish: they come only in patriotic red, white and blue or "antique olive." But when they are covered with remotes, no one will notice the color anyway.

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