A new game experience is coming

Later this year, Nintendo will be releasing its latest game console, the Wii U, which features an enlarged controller with a touch screen at its center. This control setup will bring interesting new ways to play familiar games while also introducing new experiences for all ages to enjoy. <p> Nintendo showed off the Wii U and a number of innovative games at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo. We've hand-picked 10 of them that will set the standard for the Wii U when it makes its debut this holiday season. It's not all kids’ games, either — there’s something here for everyone.

"Lego City Undercover"

"Lego City Undercover" puts you in the middle of a crime-infested city, using your Lego-ized peace officer to stop criminals, solve puzzles and goof off wherever you please. With miles of territory to cover and the option to build additional structures with active Lego blocks, this appears to be one of the boldest Lego efforts yet. (Warner Bros.)

"New Super Mario Bros. U"

Mario and his friends return in this multiplayer adventure. Up to four people can take part in the side-scrolling antics of "New Super Mario Bros. U," overcoming challenges and using new abilities, including those of your dinosaur friend Yoshi, who can inflate and eat enemies upon command. Fans of the heroic plumber should be quite pleased with his latest quest. (Nintendo)


Not for the kids, the spine-chilling survival horror game "Zombi U" is one of the more intense Wii U games you’ll find. You face a horde of undead monsters while you scramble to find weapons and other tools to survive. Ubisoft bumped up the intensity: it takes only one attack to end your journey and turn you into a zombie. Not only does "Zombi U" look frighteningly good, but it also plays very well utilizing the Wii U controller, which you hold up to the TV as a secondary aiming device. (Ubisoft)

"Rayman Legends"

The spirited follow-up to last year’s incredibly addictive "Rayman Origins," "Legends" features new gameplay techniques that take advantage of the Wii U. For instance, in one stage, a player controls the heroic Rayman as he jumps from platform to platform, while another player, holding the Wii U tablet controller, hits push-button prompts on nearby characters, clearing the way. Other sections rely on teamwork as well, while retaining the goofy, off-the-wall humor that Origins got so right last year. (Ubisoft)

"Pikmin 3"

The Pikmin series has always had a quirky nature, with you controlling a crashed astronaut and guiding him and his newly found multicolored Pikmin friends through dangerous forest terrain. But "Pikmin 3" has extras that make it the best one yet. Along with high-definition graphics that give it a livelier appearance, the game also utilizes touch-screen commands, so you can point Pikmin directly at targets without fiddling with a controller. (Nintendo)

"Assassins Creed III"

In this game, you play Connor, an assassin doing dirty deeds during the American Revolution, fighting to find answers while avoiding detection and keeping a close eye on his targets. You’ll be able to use several assassination tricks of the trade to eliminate threats, from an up-close strike of your hatchet to a long-distance shot with your bow and arrow. This should be a remarkable addition to the series when it surfaces to strike later this year. (Ubisoft)


Simple but fun, "Nintendoland" is the most innovative project for Wii U that Nintendo has shown — an all-ages collection of mini-games inspired by previously released titles. This includes goofing off with Luigi in his Ghost Mansion while fending off spirits, or having fun with Donkey Kong and friends out in their country area. Using your Mii character (which you create on the Wii U or import from your original Wii), you can interact with others, earn rewards and partake in events throughout the park. (Nintendo)

"Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition"

When it was released last year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, "Batman: Arkham City" earned acclaim for its in-depth exploration within the confines of a prison. "Armored Edition" deepens that experience, making proper use of the Wii U with an inventory selection screen at your fingertips. Bonus missions give Batman even more to do as he fights the Joker and several other nasty villains. If you love the Batman franchise or just enjoy comic book games in general, this is one you’ll definitely want to grapple onto. (Warner Bros. Interactive)

"Project P-100"

From the development team behind "Metal Gear Rising Revengeance" (Platinum Games),"Project P-100" (the working title) is an awesome superhero game in which you must rescue civilians from nasty monsters and robots. You execute attacks is by drawing symbols on the Wii U touch screen, rounding up the innocents and putting the villains out of business. With its dozens of patterns to memorize and many enemies to take on, you can expect "Project P-100" to be a supersized hit when it arrives later this year.

"Scribblenauts Unlimited"

In this imaginative entry in the Scribblenauts series, you guide a young kid named Maxwell, helping out friends in need by conjuring up items they require, such as an axe for a lumberjack. You do that by typing in the item he needs, using the on-screen keyboard on the tablet screen. With hundreds of thousands of words included and many hours' worth of content to discover, "Scribblenauts Unlimited" will easily spell out “winner” later this year, even if it’s aimed more at entertainment than education. (Warner Bros. Interactive)

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