Two Stars

Celebrity fans are either moping or gloating today about the news that actors Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (aka TomKat) are splitting after more than five years of marriage, which produced their lovely daughter Suri. <p> And it so happens that today is the five-year anniversary of the iPhone's debut, which recently produced its own darling, Siri. <p> Coincidence?! <p> Of course. But still, look at all the things they have in common:

Not from a marriage of equals.

Suri: In November 2006, megastar Tom Cruise, then age 44, wed up-and-comer Katie Holmes, then 27. <p> Siri: In April 2010, 34-year-old global-dominant company Apple purchased the three-year-old startup that had created Siri.

Grew up with a grandiose, mercurial father, often called a genius.

Suri: In April 2005, Tom Cruise jumps on Oprah Winfrey's couch, expressing his love for Katie. <p> Siri: In April 2010, California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team confiscates computers belonging to Jason Chen, a journalist who came to possess an iPhone 4 prototype before its release.

Kept under wraps until a formal presentation to the public.

Suri: Debuted in the cover story of the October 2006 Vanity Fair. <p> Siri: Debuted at an Apple keynote address in October 2011.

'Mission Imposible Ghost Protocol' connection.

Suri: Dad stared in the 2011 action flick. <p> Siri: In the movie, Cruise used an iPhone.

Public statements on Scientology.

Suri: Not allowed to say anything. <p> Siri: Not allowed to say anything.

5 Things Apple's Siri and Suri Cruise Have in Common