Return to sender

Skype today (July 16) acknowledged a weeks-old problem in which text messages between two people wind up being sent to one of their other contacts. <p> The cases are very rare, says Skype, and a fix is in the works. But this is still a troubling privacy threat. <p> To explore the full potential of the bug, we brainstormed some worst-case scenarios.

The message hubby got instead

My husband will be away this weekend. Come by about 9 on Friday night.

The party politics

There is no way I’m going if he's going to be there, too.

Recalling fashion faux pas to the perpetrator

Did you see those shoes with that dress? What was she thinking?

Confusing the Wednesday and Friday dates

I'm really looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Wait, who is this?

Message for new boss goes to old boss

What happens when you interview for a new job while still at your old job, and the old boss gets it?

5 Worst-Case Scenarios for Skype's Errant Messages