The Microsoft challenge

test site called Bing It On. Visitors can try Internet searches and select the results they like better set finding out only at the end which results were from Google and which were from Microsoft's search engine, Bing. Microsoft's goal, of course, is to get you to switch search engines. But that also gave us the idea to see what's in the collective mind of regular Google and Bing users based on the autocompletes for most popular searches. For our test, we used a freshly installed browser with no recorded surfing or search history that might skew the results.

Bingers are cheaters

There were many similarities for the "How do I…" question, but Bing users seem to search for a bit more technical information, including how do I stop using Bing as my search engine.

Bingers are stoners

While the question that begins "how long…" often related to the time needed to boil corn or eggs, Bing users were less curious about getting food cooked than about getting themselves baked.

Googlers hold it in

When wondering "Is it bad," both groups are concerned about cracking joints. But while Googlers fret about urination, Bingers wonder about sexual release.

Bingers are a bit frigid — and murderous

Both groups have questions about dating and going out. But many Bingers seem to have less interest in sex, and more in homicide.

Bingers love "Ghost Hunters"

On the "Why is" question, many Bing searchers are worried about the departure of Grant Wilson from the TV show "Ghost Hunters." But otherwise, both camps have marijuana and green poop in common.

They both get around

While the two camps differ in many ways, they both have one thing in common — questions about diseases spread by intimate contact.

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