Ready already

As we've been reporting, the Apple accessory makers engage in a bit of Kreminology, snooping to figure out what upcoming iPhones, iPads or other gadgets will look like in order have their accessories ready to go at or near launch day. Here is a sampling of products just announced by various vendors.

Musubo Retro case: $35

Musubo Retro

Spigen GLAS.t screen protector kit: $28

Tempered-glass screen protector.

iLuv Pulse case: $30

The color ribs are interchangeable,

iLuv Snoopy Vintage: $30

iLuv Snoopy Vintage cases

iLuv Camera case: $40

Modeled on a vintage Leica camera case. The bump for the lens is actually a holder for headphones.

Spigen Leather Pouch Crumena: $30

Ballistic Hard Core series: $60

One of four new rugged models.

Uniea Hearts Series: $25

One of many designs for this case.

Uniea U-Motion Runner Series: $25

Kensington Aluminum Finish Case: $25

One of many finishes for this case model.

Hard Candy ShockDrop: $40

Hitcase Pro shock-and waterproof case: $130

With two mounts, allows you to set up an iPhone 5 as a point-of-view camera for action videos.

X-Doria Cubit case: $30

One of six new fashion designs, this one allows you to rearrange the tiles for your own custom look.

Cygnett Haven Icon: $30

One of four designs for this model.

OtterBox Defender case: $50

Includes combo belt clip/viewing stand, available in multiple colors.

UBling Black Star :$40

Like Lite-Brites from the 1960s abd 1970s, UBling cases come with colored pegs that you insert to create your own designs. A sheet then snaps over to hold the pegs in place. Available mid-October.

Bling My Thing Simple is Beautiful clear cases: $30-$70

Many variations, starting mid-October

Zoo Glue Social Shell: $0 - $15

Various colors. For an unspecified "limited time," you can get up to two for free using the coupon code "FreeZooGueAccessory."

Sculpteo 3DPCase: from $20

You can custom design your case, which will be 3D printed. You can design the case online or using free iPhone and iPad apps.

Wrapsol Ultra Xtreme screen protector: $15

($30 for screen and back cover.)

Marware Stash: $35

Holds two credit cards and can use one to form a stand.

Targus Wallet Case: $40

Faux leather, available in 3 colors.

Seidio Convert: 50

Includes screen protector.

iPhone 5 Accessories Are Out