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Motorola Moto X on ATT 1080p Video Camera Demo
August 22, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
The Moto X's 1080p videos delivered smooth motion when we recorded New York traffic, and adjusted the lighting fairly quickly when we panned from a brighter sky to the darker street. Read the full re…
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3d printing, 3d scanning
Should You Buy MakerBot's $1,400 Digitizer 3D Scanner?
August 22, 2013, Sean Captain, Tom's Guide
After an initial reveal in March, MakerBot finally reveals price for its 3D scanner, which goes on sale today.
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Xbox One vs PS4
How the Sony PS4 Scored an Early Victory Against Microsoft
August 22, 2013, by Marshall Honorof, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Sony's presentation at the Gamescom conference in Germany on Aug. 20 wasn't too exciting, but it did help drive home one of Sony's most important points.
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AsCan Recites Limerick From Astronaut Application | Video
August 21, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
Lt. Commander and AsCan (Astronaut Candidate) Victor Glover recited the limerick he wrote for his astronaut application at a press conference for NASA's new team of astronauts.
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downed telephone wires in apolcalyptic scene
'Cryptopocalypse' Now: Looming Security Crisis Could Cripple Internet
August 21, 2013, by Paul Wagenseil, Senior Editor, Security, TechNewsDaily
Mathematical advances could make secure online shopping, email and file exchanges impossible.
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wow, gaming, video game news, world of warcraft
How Online Role-Playing Games Infect Your Computer
August 21, 2013, Katie Gatto, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Here's how to avoid being defeated by gaming malware that comes in the form of modifications and cheats.
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tivo logo
TiVo Introduces New Roamio DVR Series
August 20, 2013, Kevin Parrish, Tom's Guide Staff Writer
It's a new generation of TiVo for DVR users.
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magnifying glass examining binary code finding word 'virus'
Bitdefender, F-Secure, Kaspersky Rated Top Anti-Virus Suites
August 20, 2013, by Marshall Honorof, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Medium-sized software makers beat big boys at own game.
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NovaStor PC Backup &#8211; NovaBACKUP Video Review
August 20, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
With Nova BACKUP, you may never need another PC backup application. It will effectively back your data up now, and can be scheduled to back up your data in the future. Watch our full video review for…
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Hyperloop 3d printed
Elon Musk's Hyperloop Concept Gets 3D Printed
August 20, 2013, by Jillian Scharr, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
The transportation of the future might look a lot like this 3D-printed model of Elon Musk's Hyperloop.
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NASA Astronaut Sees 'UFO' Near Space Station | Video
August 19, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy radioed Mission Control to report an ‘unidentified object’ floating outside the International Space Station on Aug. 19, 2013. Was it a UFO? No, NASA says, just an antenna…
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Snubbed by Facebook, Security Researcher Hacks Zuckerberg's Page
August 19, 2013, by Paul Wagenseil, Senior Editor, Security, TechNewsDaily
Need to get Facebook to pay attention when you want to report a bug? Here's how.
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luggage on airport baggage-claim carousel
How to Get a Handle on Lost Luggage
August 19, 2013, Sue Marquette Poremba, TechNewsDaily Contributor
How to make sure missing bags don't put a damper on the entire vacation.
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robot army
Online Ads Could Create 'Million Browser Botnet'
August 19, 2013, by Paul Wagenseil, Senior Editor, Security, TechNewsDaily
How to legally kill a Web server for less than $100.
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Track Animals With Casey Anderson of NatGeos Wild "America the Wild" Show
August 16, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
We talk with the star of the show "America the Wild" about tracking wild animals in North America.
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'Virtual Real-Time' Auroras Over Sweden In Amazing New Video
August 16, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
Photographer Chad Blakley and video editor Tom Malkowicz have outdone themselves in a compilation of Northern Lights from 2012 and 2013. Some of the sequences were reproduced to deliver a near 'just …
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Comet ISON's Mars 'Buzz' - Orbiter and Rovers on Lookout | Video
August 16, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
The possible 'Comet of the Century' will come about 6.5 million miles away from the Red Planet, much closer than it will Earth. NASA will have its eyes on the ground and sky pointed in its direction.
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Hands-on With the MOGA Power Series Android Controllers
August 16, 2013, by Chris Rodriguez
We preview the second generation of MOGA Android gaming controllers, which can charge your phone while you play.
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Claudio Sanchez Gets Risqué In Kill Audio One-Shot 'Starboner' | Video
August 15, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
The Coheed and Cambria frontman, his wife and co-creator Chondra Echert and artist Mr. Sheldon Vella are taking the cast of Kill Audio to the sci-fi fantasy frontier with a sexy R-rated one-shot.
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Kyocera Hydro Edge (Sprint) Sample Video
August 14, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
The back-facing camera on the Kyocera Edge's 5-MP takes clean, accurate photos in addition to crisp, sharp video. See the sample video for yourself.
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modern office building with 'new york times' displayed across front
New York Times Website Goes Offline Without Explanation
August 14, 2013, by Paul Wagenseil, Senior Editor, Security, TechNewsDaily
Top American newspaper site unreachable as rival site reports cyberattack.
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Lasers Levitate Tiny Diamonds | Video
August 13, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
Physicists have levitated diamonds using a laser for the first time, potentially opening up new possibilities in the field of quantum computing.
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Hamlet, internet security
Not to Be! Library Blocks 'Hamlet' for Being Too Violent
August 13, 2013, Jillian Scharr, Tom's Guide
A British writer was shocked to find that an online version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" had been blocked from the British Library's Web server.
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video streaming, online videos, tv tuner
Mohu Developing Streaming Set-Top Box With TV Tuner
August 13, 2013, Sean Captain, Tom's Guide
Antenna maker bets combining broadcast and online video in one box will make cord cutting appealing. Aims to debut device by end of the year.
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RAW VIDEO: Moment Sinkhole Swallows Florida Building
August 12, 2013, by TechNewsDaily.com, staff
Amateur video captures the early-morning collapse of a three-story building in central Florida. Vacationers evacuated the resort building before it was swallowed up by a large sinkhole.
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