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Top Cellphone Complaint May Surprise You
November 30, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
It's not that you use your phone too much, it's that you don't use it enough, according to a new Pew Internet report.
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printing technology, 3d printing
Staples to Offer “Easy 3D” Printing in 2013
November 30, 2012, Brad Chacos,
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Surreal Sky Image
Where's My Flying Car? Science's Promises Broken
November 30, 2012, Wynne Parry, LiveScience Contributor
Flying cars, a meal in a pill, a cure for cancer among science's failed promises. Here's why.
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Top Question of 2012? Says It's ...
November 29, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Tallying questions from more than 100 million users, the fate of one couple ranked above the Hurricane Sandy, shootings and the election.
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smasung booth at milan trade show
Permanent Samsung Printer Password Puts Networks at Risk
November 28, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Exploit could result in data theft.
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Data Storage: SSD vs. HDD
November 27, 2012, Chad Brooks, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Solid state drives differ from hard disk drives in speed, cost and the amount of computer data they can store.
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Screenshot of the DIY vibrator remote control
Vibrator Hack Makes Sex Toy Hands-Free
November 27, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
One hobbyist has posted directions for making a gesture-control remote for one make and model of vibrator.
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yahoo sign
$700 Hack Threatens Millions of Yahoo Mail Users
November 26, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Hack lets attackers to remotely control victims' browsing activity.
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laptop with cracked screen
How to Stop Viruses from Crashing Your Computer
November 26, 2012, Linda Rosencrance, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Stay one step ahead of the bad guys.
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7 Best Best Disney Video Games Ever
November 26, 2012, Robert Workman, TechNewsDaily gaming contributor
With the recent release of two "Epic Mickey" games, we look back at some of the greatest Disney titles over the years.
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'WWE 13' Will Grip Wrestling Fans and Casual Players
November 22, 2012, Robert Workman, TechNewsDaily gaming contributor
The new 'Attitude Era' mode goes a long way for THQ's grappling franchise.
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weev wearing at&t cap
Security Experts Blast iPad Hacker's 'Chilling' Conviction
November 21, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Was hacker prosecuted simply for being a jerk?
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Black Friday Deal Tips Revealed
November 21, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Use this handy guide to get the best out of Black Friday deals. Along with tech helpers such as mobile apps, the old art of haggling can save you a bundle.
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mother and teen girl looking at laptop
Parents Flock to Social Media to Keep Tabs on Kids
November 20, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Parents of teens are approaching online safety in a more open way by joining their kids on social networks rather than relying on tech tools.
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woman wearing white face paint, puting on matching mask
Porn Sites Match Your Face to Sex Stars
November 20, 2012, by Paul Wagenseil, Senior Editor, Security, TechNewsDaily
Not everyone's got a face made for porn.
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battleship on fire following attack
10 Reasons to Fear a 'Cyber Pearl Harbor'
November 20, 2012, Jesse Emspak, TechNewsDaily Contributor
A 'cyber Pearl Harbor' is a real, if remote, possibility. Here are 10 scenarios to worry about.
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thanksgiving, holidays, menus, recipes, igrill, chef stand, tablet, ios, android
Six Tech Fixes for Thanksgiving
November 19, 2012, Michael Gowan, TechNewsDaily Contributor
From apps to gadgets, technology can make the holidays easier
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4th Gen iPad Trounces Supercomputer ... from 1993
November 19, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
Today an iPad's graphics processing unit (GPU) bests the performance of supercomputers of the early 1990s.
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people in winter coats entering department store
6 Black Friday Scams to Fear
November 19, 2012, Fahmida Y. Rashid, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Half a dozen great deals you can avoid!
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5 Twinkies Facts I Learned on Social Media Today
November 16, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Who knew the possible end of Twinkies and other Hostess treats could cause such an outpouring across social media channels? Here are 5 things I learned about Twinkies.
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What is Cyber Monday?
November 16, 2012, Ryan Goodrich, TechNewsDaily Contributor
The Monday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year.
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Anonymous Backs Gaza in Israeli-Palestinian Dispute
November 16, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Hackers claim takedown of more than 40 Israeli sites, created Internet 'care package' for Gaza.
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Screenshot from an ad for the BYD Su Rui
Call Your Car Over with Remote Control
November 16, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
The BYD Su Rui offers one way to avoid having to walk across a parking lot in the rain.
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FingerSense, touchscreen, galaxy s III
New Touch Screen Tech 'Listens' to Your Taps
November 15, 2012, Sean Captain, TechNewsDaily Managing Editor
New technology allows a touch screen to listen for the sounds and vibrations of fingernails, knuckles and other objects to enable more features.
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iPhone App Hijacks Tweets, Wrongly Shames Users
November 15, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Anti-piracy 'feature' went too far.
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