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Startup may offer free wireless data
March 21, 2012, Seán Captain, TechNewsDaily managing editor
New company to provide free wireless data service, and maybe in iPhone cases.
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ipad review
New iPad Hype Brings New Scams
March 16, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Scams promise free "iPad3" but redirect you to a survey page.
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A computer circuitboard brain.
Expert Poll: Internet Makes Us Smarter & Stupider
February 29, 2012, Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer
Experts are split about how online connectedness affects the brain.
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ar drone, wireless
Three Amazing Videos From Robot Copters
February 23, 2012, Seán Captain, TechNewsDaily Managing Editor
Breathtaking aerial videos show the potential of allowing camera-equipped drones to fly in the U.S.
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Mobile Devices Poised to Outnumber Humans
February 14, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
By 2016, Cisco predicts an average of 1.4 mobile devices for every man, woman and child on Earth.
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wireless syncing
Airbind Hands-on: Wirelessly Sync iTunes with Your Android Phone
February 13, 2012, David Eitelbach,
We went hands-on with the app to see if it's really that simple.
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Could You Be Sued for Not Securing Your Wi-Fi?
February 08, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
A landmark case in Massachusetts could label as pirates people who neglect Wi-Fi security.
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Graphic: Cheaper than a Microwave? My, How Laptop Prices Have Fallen
February 01, 2012, Kenneth Butler, LAPTOP Web Producer/Writer
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How Online Services Can Help Preserve Your Anonymity
January 31, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Maintain your anonymity online with Google alternatives and other tools.
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Electronic Tattoo
Electronic Tattoo Monitors Brain, Heart and Muscles
January 31, 2012, Jennifer Welsh, LiveScience Staff Writer
Elastic electronics offer less invasive, more convenient medical treatment
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Wireless EEG
Wireless Sensors Monitor Your Thoughts on the Fly
January 30, 2012, Amber Dance, Scientific American
Electroencephalography used to require a person to sit still while a computer tracked the brain's electrical impulses. A newer technology untethers this research.
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Top 25 Windows Phone Apps
January 27, 2012, Brian Oliver Bennett, LAPTOP Senior Writer
The new 7.5 operating system certainly helps—with such cool features as Groups for messaging.
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2-Minute Expert: What Are Smart TVs?
January 26, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
A guide to today's Internet-connected app-happy sets.
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Mobile Matchmaker: Find Love Via Your Smartphone
January 25, 2012, Sarah Silbert, LAPTOP Staff Writer
Online dating has long escaped its stigma as a last resort for geeks lacking social skills—thanks in no small part to the popular appeal of such sites as and OKCupid.
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Texting & Walking: Study Reveals Why Combo Is Dangerous
January 25, 2012, Christopher Wanjek, LiveScience Bad Medicine Columnist
Turns out, the combo messes up your gait, leading to accidents.
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Police Can't Track You by GPS, Supreme Court Says
January 23, 2012, Paul Wagenseil
Justices rule 9-0 that cops can't track suspects without warrants
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Digital Finger Painting is an Animator's Dream
January 20, 2012, Sean Captain, TechNewsDaily Managing Editor
Subway animator prefers iPhone and bare finger to big-screen tablets.
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CES 2012
Exclusive Video: New Parrot Drone Copter Has Spylike Features
January 13, 2012, Sean Captain, TechNewsDaily Managing Editor
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Deal or No Deal: Free Nook with Subscription
January 10, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Barnes & Noble has offered free and discounted Nooks with one-year subscriptions to The New York Times and People magazine. Put down your pencil, and read on to find out which one of the three de…
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New Holiday Devices? Time to Adjust Home Wi-Fi
December 30, 2011, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
New holiday electronics can push your Wi-Fi router to its limits. Here's how to make adjustments to get better connections.
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Walmart Lowers Prices, Extends Shipping Deadlines for Holiday Shoppers
December 15, 2011, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
You’re not alone if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, but time is running out.
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7 Gadget Gifts for Holiday Travelers
December 14, 2011, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
It’s not too late to buy great holiday gifts — most Americans haven’t completed even half of their shopping. Consider these seven tech gadgets under $100 for the traveler.
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Gadgets on Airplanes: Young Adults Want FAA Rule Changed
December 13, 2011, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Alec Baldwin’s refusal to turn off his phone on the runway prompted a poll that reveals age is key to whether or not people believe it’s time for the FAA to change its rules.
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'Top-Tier' Games Hit Mobile Devices
December 08, 2011, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
OnLive brings LA Noire and other PC and console-only games to tablets and smartphones, but Apple approval is still pending.
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