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ios device jail
New Rules Let You Jailbreak Phones, but Not Tablets
October 26, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
iPhones, iPads on different legal footings.
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Illustration showing 1s and 0s and waveforms
New 4G Uses Garage Door Opener Airwaves
October 10, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
The network uses tech that could become more popular in the future, as demand for wireless data grows.
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future proof gadgets, dell
10 Future-Proof Gadgets You’ll Still Love Next Year
October 09, 2012, Avram Piltch,
Avoid buyer's remorse with gadgets that will still be state-of-the-art in 2013 and beyond.
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What's the Best E-Reader for You?
September 07, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Kindle or Nook? Now you've got eight to choose from. Here, a rundown of features that make really make a difference, along with pricing.
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ipad, ipod, iphone, remote
VooMote Air Turns iPhone and iPad into Social Remotes
September 05, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
Wireless device links your iOS device to your entertainment system and you to social networks.
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Creative Wireless Speakers Automatically Adjust to Your Room
September 02, 2012, by Sean Captain, Managing Editor, TechNewsDaily
Wireless speaker pairs with mobile devices for basic audio, or with multiple speakers for a full, automatically calibrated sound system.
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What Is Wireless Audio?
August 31, 2012, TechNewsDaily contributor
Now that many mobile devices and home audio systems can communicate with each other wirelessly, it's simpler than ever to set up a wireless multiroom audio system on any budget.
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Samsung Debuts Killer Windows 8 PC for Kitchens
August 30, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
With gesture control, cooks can finally follow cooking videos and use e-recipes without interruption.
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What to Expect from FAA's Electronic Devices Ruling
August 29, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
FAA forms committee to reconsider use of personal devices on flights, which could be really good news for avid readers and workaholics.
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College Buddies
5 Security Tips IT Personnel Wish Students Knew
August 26, 2012, Sue Marquette Poremba, SecurityNewsDaily Contributor
You're not on your parents' Wi-Fi network any more.
View Full Article » Hands-on: Microsoft’s Gmail and Clutter Killer
July 31, 2012, Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor-in-Chief
A major upgrade to Hotmail, was designed from the ground up to not only look cleaner than your typical cluttered web-based inbox (see Gmail, Yahoo) but also surface things that used to be…
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Microsoft Surface Tablet Going On Sale October 26th
July 30, 2012, Brad Chacos, LAPTOP Contributor
The Windows RT Surface tablet will officially hit the streets the same day as Windows 8 itself.
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10 Hotspots Are Just the Beginning for New York City's Payphone Re-Use Plan
July 11, 2012, by Sean Captain, Managing Editor, TechNewsDaily
After a pair of failed plans by private companies over the years, Wi-Fi is coming to City payphones — albeit just a few. The City is now waiting to see how New Yorkers react, and what else they ask for.
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Teens Irked by Sexting, Do It Anyway
July 03, 2012, by Stephanie Pappas
A new study finds that almost 30 percent of high-schoolers sext.
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Only Families with Big Talkers Benefit from New Verizon Plans
June 12, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Verizon's new data sharing plans can save your family money, but only if you need unlimited talk and text. Otherwise, steer clear.
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Smartphone-Controlled GoPro Cameras Stream Video to Web
June 04, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Now you can control dozens of GoPro video cameras via Wi-Fi. Watch as 50 cameras follow skateboarder Ryan Sheckler through the streets of New York City.
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Sprint to End Nextel Service, But Push-to-Talk Lives On
May 29, 2012, Ed Oswald, TechNewsDaily contributor
Calling the technology obsolete, Sprint says it will shut down Nextel's network and its push-to-talk phones in 2013. But you have other options.
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5 Unsettling Uses of Google Glasses Camera
May 25, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Do you really want to photograph everything? Here are some shots from the connected, camera-equipped glasses that could end badly.
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Kopin Golden-i: What It’s Like to Wear a 4G Headset Computer
May 10, 2012, Mark Spoonauer,
The Kolpin Golden-i is an innovative headset that can stream critical information to workers who need to keep their hands free.
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Best Portable MP3 Speaker: Bose SoundLink
May 10, 2012, David Elrich, TechNewsDaily contributor
Simple to use, good-sounding portable speaker works effortlessly with smartphones, tablets and other portable music devices — with or without Bluetooth wireless.
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Top 10 Gadgets on Inventor Site Kickstarter
May 07, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Hot products no longer come just from big corporations and flashy startups. With crowd-funding site Kickstarter, anyone — including you — can pitch in to bring a good idea to market.
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Speakers Pump Up and Charge Up Phones and MP3 Players
April 20, 2012, by Jesse Emspak, TechNewsDaily Contributor
This wireless speaker combines great sound with the ability to charge your device.
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How Much Data Will Your Money Buy?
Smartphone Data Plans: Ultimate Guide | AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon, Prepaid
April 06, 2012, Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily senior writer
Drowning in smartphone data plan options? At last, a single chart helps you decide how much data you need and who provides the best price.
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For Mercedes Owners, Wi-Fi Hotspots Ride Along
March 26, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Mercedes buyers can have a router installed in the trunks of vehicles, but data will command a premium.
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