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Photo of the PR2 robot sitting a table with two people
Older Adults Welcome Robots Help with Chores
October 25, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
A new survey takes a look at older adults' attitudes toward home robots.
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Photo of Memoto camera clipped on a shirt
Camera Would Record Your Life Twice a Minute
October 23, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
Would you buy one?
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Photo of model houses used in experiment
Perspiration is Inspiration for New Cooling Rooftop
October 11, 2012, Francie Diep, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
A new rooftop mat soaks up water in cool temperatures, but squeezes out water in hot weather.
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Photo of 3D printed flowerpots
3D Printers at Maker Faire: Faster, Cheaper, Easier to Use
October 03, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
When will everyone have a 3D printer at home? TechNewsDaily talked with printers at Maker Faire to find out.
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Samsung Debuts Killer Windows 8 PC for Kitchens
August 30, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
With gesture control, cooks can finally follow cooking videos and use e-recipes without interruption.
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GoldenEar Aon 2
Best Affordable Stereo Speakers: GoldenEar Aon 2
July 11, 2012, Michael Gowan, TechNewsDaily contributor
If listening to music is your thing, pick GoldenEar's stereo speakers over a surround-sound system. Your ears will love you for it.
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Tablets Killing Off Newspapers and Magazines Faster than Expected
July 05, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer, TechNewsDaily
Two separate studies show that around half of tablet owners prefer digital newspapers, magazines and books to paper versions.
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Turning Down Heat May Save Much More Than Expected
May 14, 2012, Amy Westervelt, TechNewsDaily contributor
Study by maker of programmable thermostats shows that savings could be nearly twice what was previously thought.
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5 Easy Ways to Go Green — and Save Money
April 19, 2012, Amy Westervelt, TechNewsDaily contributor
Tree hugger or not, you'll immediately see the benefits of this energy-saving tech.
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Xbox 360 Looks to Become Entertainment Hub
December 05, 2011, Joseph Castro, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Will the new Xbox 360 update make you ditch cable television?
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High Beams: Laser-Powered Headlights Coming to BMW
September 06, 2011, TechNewsDaily Staff
The laser headlights will be extremely bright but safe for humans and animals.
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Top 10 Outrageously Themed Headphones of the Future
July 21, 2011, Avram Piltch, Laptopmag.com
It’s just a matter of time before these outrageous themes are made into a reality.
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3-D Printed Bikini Tests Fabricated Fashion
June 16, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
Perfect fit and looks good on the beach. Not bad for a bikini designed in a computer and printed from nylon.
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Redesigned Roofs Withstand Tornadoes and Hurricanes
May 26, 2011, Morgen E. Peck, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
Redesigning the roof may protect houses from tornado and hurricane damage.
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Megamaterials to Propel Human Civilization Into 'the Fiber Age'
May 24, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
Bradley Quinn talks future materials and self replicating buildings in our exclusive Q and A.
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Futuristic Materials Could Build Tornado-Proof Homes
May 24, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
A mixture of new materials, new designs and new architectural techniques could significantly increase a structure’s resistance to tornadoes and hurricanes.
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Microsoft Sees Human Body as an Antenna
May 17, 2011, Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer TechNewsDaily
The human body's interaction with ambient electrical fields could transform how we control household electronics.
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Let the Sun In: Inkjet Printers May Lead to Cheaper, Thinner Solar Cells
January 28, 2011, Adam Hadhazy, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Your humble inkjet printer may hold the key to affordable power.
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Video: Future Kitchen Has Flashy Food, 'Smart' Pantry and the Counter's a Stove
January 13, 2011, TechNewsDaily Staff
Wirless power enables all sorts of innovations in the kitchen.
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Digital Media Creates a New Philosophy for Interior Design
October 22, 2010, Stuart Fox, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
As digital media takes over, interior design reimagines the uses of rooms.
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Department of Energy Works to Secure Smart Electric Grid
October 08, 2010, Matt Liebowitz, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory won $7 million to secure electric grid
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Sensors Turns Houses Into Smart Homes
September 15, 2010, Matt Liebowtz, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
New wireless sensors are turning home eletrical wiring into antennae to send and receive data
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Tomorrow’s Toys: Where Technology Meets Imagination
September 09, 2010, By Ned Smith, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor
What’s more cool than being able to be your own action figure?
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Heatable Film Could Eliminate Foggy, Frozen Windows in Wintertime
September 01, 2010, TechNewsDaily Staff
Nearly clear, conductive film can now be made much more easily, group claims.
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