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Twitter Revamps Search Function, Adds Photo Sharing
June 01, 2011, Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Staff Writer
Twitter is making the process of finding relevant tweets and photos even easier.
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Online Phone Calls Are Catching On
May 31, 2011, Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Staff Writer
More than a quarter of Americans have already made a call over the Internet.
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6 Best Multifunction Printers for 2011
May 27, 2011, Lamont Wood, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Find the solution that’s best for you.
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Belgian Museum Offers Live Online Tours
May 27, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
Get a real-time, personalized tour of the MAS art museum in Antwerp, Belgium, without ever leaving your house.
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10 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True
May 27, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Bet you didn't know that Jules Verne described the moon landing 100 years before it actually happened.
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Babies Predict New and Complex Events
May 26, 2011, by, staff
Year-old babies who watched these videos depicting bouncing objects are able to accurately predict the object that will most likely bounce out of the enclosure, a new study finds.
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Apple Finally Confronts Malware Problem
May 25, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
The MacDefender battle nears its end.
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AT&T to Introduce LTE to Five Cities This Summer
May 25, 2011, Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Staff Writer
AT&T is gearing up to welcome the latest mobile network tech to five cities.
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More People Flying Their Geek Pride Flag
May 25, 2011, Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Staff Writer
Geeks aren't as uncool as they used to be.
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Earth Orbit and Beyond for Next-Gen Spaceship
May 25, 2011, by, staff
Inside look at the technology, testing and potential of the multi-purpose crew vehicle and its Orion capsule.
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New Phone Tech Eliminates Need for Cash Registers, Credit Cards
May 23, 2011, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Register and Card Case apps transform transactions
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Venomous Spiders on Space Station
May 23, 2011, by, staff
Two Golden Orb spiders, launched on STS-134, are not lethal to humans, but can cause allergic reactions. ISS crew is studying their adaptation to micro-gravity.
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How Beetles Feast on Frogs
May 20, 2011, by, staff
These adult Epomis beetles can prey upon live amphibians, in addition to their regular diet.
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Mars Landing Site Choices Down to 4
May 19, 2011, by, staff
Touchdown sites for the roving science lab Curiosity are based on what they can contribute to decoding the history of water: Why was Mars once so wet and is now so dry?
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Nanopatch Could Reverse Heart Attack Damage
May 19, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
A tiny savior promises to give heart attack victims a chance to return to normal.
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Beer for Space Tourists: More Taste, Fewer Wet Burps
May 18, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Spaceflight: Australian for beer.
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Computer Desktop Clutter Reveals Your Personality
May 16, 2011, Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Staff Writer
Messy or neat? What your desktop says about you.
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May 16, 2011, by, staff
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Breakthrough Material Purifies Water While Generating Electricity
May 10, 2011, Morgen Peck, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
A newly developed alloy of aluminum simultaneously generates electricity and purifies water
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Shuttle to Ride a Laser "STORRM"
May 10, 2011, by, staff
Endeavor's last flight (STS-134) will test a new laser guiding system by undocking and re-docking to the Space Station; an effort to make rendezvous easier and safer.
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Rivers of Fire Inflame Sunspots
May 09, 2011, by, staff
Hot plasma currents drag old decaying sunspots into the Sun interior, where they are re-animated by the magnetic dynamo and brought back up to the surface for the next cycle of solar activity.
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Experts: Osama Bin Laden Files May Be Impossible to Crack
May 06, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Strong encryption could stump U.S. intelligence forces.
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Bouquet of Free Apps for Mother's Day
May 06, 2011, Leslie Meredith, Senior Writer TechNewsDaily
Three essential apps for better family safety, more play dates and a clean house.
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Boat-Boarding Droid Stops Pirates
May 03, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
This swashbuckling robot can help take down pirates.
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