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Drawing of microrocket
Tiny Rockets Could Deliver Drugs in the Stomach
February 08, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Tiny, fast, self-powered motors could work in the human body in the future.
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US Navy Robotic Warplane
Navy's Robot Warplane Tests Its 'Brains' for Midair Refueling
January 26, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A Learjet tests the brains of the Navy's unmanned robotic warplane to see how the military drone could do autonomous aerial refueling.
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The Perils of Small Stuff: What We Know About Nanotech Safety Today
January 26, 2012, Francie Diep, InnovationNewsDaily Staff Writer
Are nano-size materials safe for the people who make and use them? One expert shares his thoughts.
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fbi social media
FBI Seeks Dashboard to Help Sort Social Media Data
January 23, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The FBI has published a call for information on how to create a tool that harvests data from news and social media.
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Electron micrograph images of carbon nanotubes
Lego-like Water Purifier Gives Tiny Particles Big Cleaning Punch
January 19, 2012, Francie Diep, InnovationNewsDaily Staff Writer
The purifier has nanoparticles stuck on nanotubes, for bigger pollution-fighting power in a smaller space.
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EN-V Smart Cars, General Motors, Networked Cars
Car Talk: 'Connected' Vehicles Will Boost Road Safety
January 11, 2012, Ker Than, InnovationNewsDaily Managing Editor
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication could help make the roads safer and pave the way for self-driving cars.
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Bug Juice: Turning Roaches into Living Fuel Cells
January 09, 2012, Francie Diep, InnovationNewsDaily Staff Writer
Insects could one day carry self-powered monitoring or spy equipment.
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How NASA May Use Microbes to Power Space Robots
January 06, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Rovers on Mars might someday turn to electricity generated by microbes rather than solar or nuclear power.
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New Worms' Silk Has Spider Strength
January 04, 2012, Francie Diep, InnovationNewsDaily Staff Writer
The new fiber is a hybrid of silkworm and spider material.
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Robots Could Replace Humans in Dangerous Ocean Missions
January 03, 2012, Zo? Macintosh, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
The new Navy bots are particularly well suited for dull, dirty, and dangerous missions.
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Vatican Uses NASA Technology to Preserve Ancient Tomes
December 20, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A digital format used by the Hubble Space Telescope may save the collection of one of the world's oldest libraries.
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US Special Ops Want Non-Lethal Force to Stop Vehicles
December 20, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Need to stop a vehicle or boat with non-lethal force? A roof-puncturing canister that releases knockout gas inside might just do the trick.
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World's Smallest Steam Engine Replaces Pistons with Lasers
December 12, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A tiny heat engine harnesses lasers to point the way toward future power sources for microachines.
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Disaster Robots
Running with Chainsaws: A History of Robot Violence
December 09, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Science fiction imagines killer robots turning on their human makers, but surprisingly few humans have died as a result of robot malfunctions.
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Geometric Shapes Fold Themselves into Microscopic Building Blocks
December 07, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The small, self-assembling shapes could help deliver medical drugs or become tiny building blocks for new devices.
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New Vehicle Laser Blasts Everything from Drones to Bombs
November 28, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A German military vehicle laser shows off its ability to take down targets on land, sea and air.
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Porn Industry Files Lawsuit Against Dot-XXX Operator
November 21, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Adult-content firms claim that the operator of dot-xxx websites is charging higher than competitive prices to squeeze more money out of the porn industry.
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Artificial Down Keeps Warmth High and Prices Low
November 18, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
Two new winter clothing lines from North Face, ThermoBall and FlashDry, keep wearers warmer and drier than ever before.
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Where Is My Holodeck?
November 16, 2011, Katherine Tweed, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
Many of the technical hurdles to making advanced holograms have been overcome.
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IBM Aims to (Quietly) Reap Energy from Waves
November 07, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Clean tech startups want to harness energy from ocean waves without disturbing marine life with underwater noise.
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Recipe for Failure: A Meal in a Pill
November 02, 2011, Katherine Tweed, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
Could meals in pill form ever become a reality?
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NASA Looks into Lasers for 'Tractor-Beaming' Stardust
November 01, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Laser beams could help robotic space missions pull in extraterrestrial samples from the Martian atmosphere or stardust from deep space.
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'Super Skin' Can Stretch and Sense for Bionic Humans
October 25, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
An artificial skin made from carbon nanotubes could provide a sensitive covering for prosthetic limbs and robots.
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Flying Trucks: Buoyant Aircraft Tested to Ferry Cargo
October 24, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
New aircraft combines buoyant airship technology with airplane wings to become a flying truck.
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Robots Train in Swarms for Dangerous, Dirty Jobs
October 18, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Why send a human to do a machine's job when you have a swarm of thousands of robots?
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