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Chemical Warfare Robot, PETMAN, Struts His Stuff
April 08, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
Boston Dynamics has moved a step closer to deploying its humanoid robot PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) as a testing platform for chemical protection clothing. PETMAN is designed to mimic…
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Gamers Wanted: Teach Space Robots with Drone App
March 18, 2013, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
If you've got a Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter, you can improve the abilities of future space robots through a new gaming app called AstroDrone.
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Drones Over Austin At SXSW
Drones Over Austin At SXSW | Video
March 18, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
TechNewsDaily reporter Leslie Meredith speaks with Matthew Schroyer about why kids are so attracted to autonomous robots.
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Humanoid Robots
Drones, Droids & Other Types of Robots
March 12, 2013, Nola Taylor Redd, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Rovers, jointed arms, guided vehicles — there are millions of robots in the world, and on other worlds, too.
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MIT's robotic cheetah can run for over an hour nonstop.
MIT Makes Efficient Cheetah Robot
March 08, 2013, by Marshall Honorof, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
An MIT lab has developed a robotic cheetah with a realistic, efficient gait.
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'BigDog' Learns A New Trick
March 04, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
US robotics manufacturer Boston Dynamics has taken its now famous robotic quadruped 'BigDog' to a new level of sophistication. BigDog has been given the ability to fling heavy objects long distances …
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Robots to Help Decommission Crippled Fukushima Nuke Plant
February 22, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
Japanese companies cooperate to design robots to help decommission the quake-damaged Fukushima nuclear plant. Powered by NewsLook.
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Britain's $1M Bionic Man
February 07, 2013, by Dave Brody
A million-dollar bionic man complete with artificial organs, synthetic blood and robot limbs goes on display at London's Science Museum.
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iRobot 'Brains' Allow Hospital Robot to Drive Itself
iRobot 'Brains' Allow Hospital Robot to Drive Itself | Video
January 24, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
The RP-VITA robot developed by InTouch Health and iRobot can navigate crowded hospital hallways to reach a patient's room. Physicians can tell the robot avatar where to go by simply touching a destin…
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Military’s Future Robot Ship Hunts Submarines
Military’s Future Robot Ship Hunts Submarines | Video
January 15, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
The Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) can robotically track and hunt enemy submarines in most weather and sea conditions. Video courtesy of SAIC. All rights reserv…
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Military’s ‘BigDog’ Robot Learns to Follow
Military’s ‘BigDog’ Robot Learns to Follow | Video
December 19, 2012, by Clayton Ashely
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency tests the LS3 robot’s ability to travel across rough terrain and follow a human soldier as it carries heavy equipment.
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Marines Take 'Big Dog' for a Walk in the Woods
December 19, 2012, by Clayton Ashely
US robotics company Boston Dynamics has been giving its latest mechanical pack mule a run around Fort Myer in Virginia, where Marine Corps commanders are assessing its viability as a 21st Century sup…
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Robotic Prosthetic Arm Controlled With The Mind | Video
December 17, 2012, by Clayton Ashely
Using implants in the motor cortex of a paralyzed patient's brain, this robotic prosthetic limb can be controlled with the mind. The robotic arm is dexterous enough to grasp and manipulate small objects.
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