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high-powered military SAR satellite
Military Wants Space Camera for All-Weather Video
May 10, 2012, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
The project, codenamed ViSAR, would upgrade the imaging capabilities of currently existing spy satellites.
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Portion of fresco showing 15th-century Italian statesman Lorenzo de' Medici
Software Will ID Long-Dead People in Paintings
May 10, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Can facial recognition software, made to ID real people, work for centuries-old paintings?
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Golden-i: Wearable Computing
May 09, 2012, by, staff
A hands on look at the Golden-i wearable computer.
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Navy Seabees Computers
Military Wants Computers Doing Our Homework
May 08, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
School kids may really like the U.S. Navy's vision for a computer system capable of automatically writing reports in response to questions.
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HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE
May 07, 2012, by, staff
A pocket-friendly but powerful Droid, the Incredible 4G LTE has a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip and a Super LCD screen.
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Life's Elements Seen in Supernova Remnant | Video
May 07, 2012, by, staff
“We are star stuff, harvesting starlight"' wrote Carl Sagan in 1978. In 2012, the Chandra X-ray Observatory harvested a signature of inner star elements on the outskirts of a supernova - element…
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how well do you know CIA
How well do you know the CIA?
May 07, 2012, by, staff
How well do you know the CIA?
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New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Movie Trailer | Video
May 04, 2012, by, staff
The latest trailer for the movie set to hit theater on July 7, 2012.
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Methane Hydrates Natural Gas Test
US Taps Icy Energy Source Bigger Than Oil, Coal
May 03, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
New efforts to unlock natural gas in methane hydrates could slash natural gas prices 30 percent by 2025 and open huge energy sources for the U.S.
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Screenshot of demo by Ishac Bertran
Imagination at Work: Touch Devices, Transfer Files
May 03, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Engineer says concept was inspired by the way Sifteo Cubes work.
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Photo of a piece of coltan
Lasers Spot Minerals from Conflict-Torn Nation
May 02, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Researchers are working on an identifying machine inspectors can easily carry.
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Lost Without Translation? Google Adds Language Tool to Gmail
May 02, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Now you can easily have your emails translated to one of 53 languages built into Gmail.
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Emergency Ejection - Why Private Spacecraft Need Abort Systems | Video
May 01, 2012, by, staff
The Launch Abort Systems developed by NASA is a key element for several companies who are competing for Commercial Crew Program dollars. The program will eventually drive human-rated traffic to the …
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Final Flight: Space Shuttle Enterprise Over NYC | Video
April 27, 2012, by, staff
Riding atop NASA's modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft, NASA’s drop-test article – the not quite an Orbiter Enterprise – flew to the New York area on April 27, 2012. It's final home: the Intrepid Se…
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Photo of a vending machine
Hacked Vending Machine Trades Snacks For Skills
April 27, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A hacked vending machine gets computer scientists to trade their expertise for snacks.
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Satellite image of Sudanese military airbase.
How Tech Can Help Prevent Violence
April 27, 2012, Francie Diep, InnovationNewsDaily Staff Writer
Ideas for apps and gadgets that can warn civilians and help prosecute those responsible for atrocities.
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Data Security
Used Hard Drives Are Gold Mines for Identity Theft
April 27, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
65 percent of people give away their old cell phones, computers and laptops to others when they're done with them.
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Sex-for-Hire Robots Predicted by 2050
April 23, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Would you want to visit a robot brothel?
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ASUS Transformer Pad TF300
April 22, 2012, by, staff
While the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime raised the bar for high-end Android tablets, not everybody has $500 to spend. The Transformer Pad TF300 ASUS is challenging the recently discounted iPad 2 for…
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Swann HD PenCam Sample Video
April 16, 2012, by, staff
We capture 720p video with the Swann HD PenCam spy camera.
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Screenshot of Tupac hologram at Coachella
Tupac Shakur Hologram Rocks 'Em at Coachella
April 16, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The latest in posthumous work?
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astronauts, space flight, Gemini IV mission
Why 'Space Madness' Fears Haunted NASA's Past
April 16, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
NASA's early fears of space madness afflicting astronauts have long since faded, but they live on in science fiction.
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Big Bucks for Instagram; 13” Tablet? Nokia’s Pres. Talks Lumia – SpoonFed Mobile Ep.#5 | Video
April 13, 2012, by, staff
LAPTOPmag’s Mark Spoonauer gives his thoughts on the buyout of Instagram, asks how big is too big for a table and talks Lumia with the president of Nokia.
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Military Robotics Challenge
Robots Need Not Be Humanoid to Compete in New DARPA Challenge
April 12, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The U.S. military wants robots to replace humans in disaster zones, but it's not just looking for humanoid shapes.
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Video Review of Meade StarNavigator 102
April 09, 2012, by, staff
This is a refractor telescope. They are simple, sealed tubes with glass at the front and back. Comparatively little can go wrong.
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