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F-15 Counterfeit Parts
These US Weapons Suspected of Counterfeit Parts
May 22, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Chinese counterfeit parts may affect U.S. military technologies ranging from drones to missile defense systems, according to a Senate report.
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Ironman Army ammunition pack
US Soldiers Make Real 'Predator' Machine Gun Pack
May 16, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
The science fiction film Predator inspired a new battlefield invention to help U.S. Army machine gunners carry a combat load of ammunition.
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Missile Defense Agency
US Missile Defense Seeks Fix for Counterfeits
May 11, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
DNA may be a solution for helping the U.S. military screen for counterfeit electronic parts used in its ballistic missile defense system.
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high-powered military SAR satellite
Military Wants Space Camera for All-Weather Video
May 10, 2012, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
The project, codenamed ViSAR, would upgrade the imaging capabilities of currently existing spy satellites.
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Military Satellite Swarm
Swarm of Tiny Satellites Would Serve as Soldiers' Eyes
May 09, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The U.S. military is officially on the hunt for cheap satellite swarms capable of giving U.S. troops updated battlefield images at any time.
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Call of Duty Black Ops 2
New Game's Fictional Drone Inspires US Military
May 09, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
A new video game about a U.S.-China Cold War and drones gone wild has already inspired a U.S. Military office to consider a new drone design.
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Navy Seabees Computers
Military Wants Computers Doing Our Homework
May 08, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
School kids may really like the U.S. Navy's vision for a computer system capable of automatically writing reports in response to questions.
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Avengers Helicarrier
Could the Navy Ever Build a Flying Aircraft Carrier?
May 04, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Today's U.S. Navy may need a lot more money to build the flying aircraft carrier of the new Avengers superhero film.
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Air Force Satellites
US Military Seeks Rapid Satellite ID in Crowded Space
May 03, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The U.S. military needs a way to quickly identify satellites that may change orbits or drop out of sight in the middle of Earth's crowded space lanes.
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Navy Jet Flare
Navy Wants to Hide Aircraft from Heat-Seeking Missiles
May 02, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Stealthy military jets could deploy clouds of tiny particles as a high-tech cloak to hide from heat-seeking missiles.
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Suicide Drone
Army Wants NonLethal 'Magic Bullet' Drone for Soldiers
April 27, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A nonlethal suicide drone may eventually come to both battlefields and the U.S. home front.
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Illustration of an asteroid shattering upon impact
Extreme Impacts Study Aims to Build Captain America's New Shield
April 25, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Johns Hopkins University is opening an institute to study intense impacts. A cool video shows an example.
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security guard
You Can't Hide: New 'Intelligent' Radar Will Replace Guards, Cameras
April 23, 2012, Zo? Macintosh, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
The new radar system can even tell if you're breathing or not.
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Military NBC Suit
Army Wants Uniforms To Repel Tiny Invisible Threats
April 13, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The U.S. military is looking into special uniform coatings that can shrug off water, dirt and invisible threats such as bacteria or viruses.
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Military Laser Guns
US Marines Want to Use Lasers for Air Defense
April 09, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The Navy has announced its interest in military lasers that can protect Marines from airborne threats such as incoming enemy fire.
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U.S. Navy Robot Helicopter
Navy's Robot Helicopters Will Automatically Spot Pirates
April 05, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The Navy's helicopter drones get smarter about spotting possible pirate boats on the high seas.
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Americas Army
US Military Funds Effort to Hack Video Game Consoles
March 27, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
The military wants to learn how to hack video game consoles to dig up private gamer information such as online chat room data.
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Enemy Body Language
Military Wants to Detect Terrorist Body Language
March 26, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The U.S. Air Force wants to detect terrorist threats based on a person's body size, shape or motion.
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U.S. Military gear
Startup's Hybrid Body Armor Softens Blow to Troops
March 22, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
A U.S. startup's body armor inserts could protect soldiers against the traumatic force of a bullet's impact.
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Army Research Lab Brain Science
Military-Funded Brain Science Sparks Controversy
March 20, 2012, Charles Q. Choi, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
Brain science funded by the U.S. military could lead to dangerous consequences for war, two scientists say.
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U.S. Army Smartphones
Insurgents Destroyed US Helicopters Found in Online Photos
March 16, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Carelessly uploaded smartphone pictures have cost U.S. Army soldiers dearly when the enemy finds them online.
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Military Seeks Cheap Satellites to Watch Out for Soldiers
March 14, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The U.S. military wants cheap, disposable satellite swarms to give ordinary soldiers battlefield images at any time of day.
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Battlefield Sixth Sense
US Military Seeks Sixth Sense Training
March 06, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A new U.S. military program aims to cultivate a battlefield sixth sense among all of its soldiers based on learning related to intuition.
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Lightning II, last manned fighter jet
Tom Cruise to Fly Last Manned Fighter Jet in 'Top Gun 2'
March 05, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
A "Top Gun 2" choice to feature the last U.S. manned fighter jet risks overshadowing the rise of military drones in modern warfare.
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Non-Lethal Weapons
Vortex Gun Fires Electrically Charged Gas Rings at 90 mph
March 01, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
A new vortex gun can fire electrically-charged rings of air that can clear smoke-filled hallways for firefighters or deliver non-lethal loads of clingy tear gas and pepper spray.
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