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INFOGRAPHIC: Rise of the Drones
September 06, 2011, Karl Tate, InnovationNewsDaily Infographic Artist
Drones have become a main U.S. counterterrosim weapon since the September 11 attacks
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Seal Team Six Needs a New Doggy Cam
August 30, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The Special Forces unit that took down Osama bin Laden needs a camera for its four-legged warrior.
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'Ninja Metrics' Tracks Gamer Behavior to Startup Success
August 22, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
A startup called Ninja Metrics can help predict gamer behavior.
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Build Your Own Terminator With Existing Military Tech
August 19, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
You, too, can have your own killer robot using nothing but off-the-shelf technology.
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Real War Games: Video Game Controllers Hit the Battlefield
August 17, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
Video game controllers have gone from shooting virtual baddies to operating real-life weapons.
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Superfast Military Aircraft Crashed in Pacific Ocean, DARPA Says
August 11, 2011, Tariq Malik, Managing Editor
DARPA's hypersonic robot glider crashed after losing contact with ground stations.
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Archaeologists Hack Kinect into 3-D Scanner
August 03, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A cheap 3-D scanner based on a gaming device may soon allow the modern Indiana Jones to digitize artifacts and dig sites.
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Computer to Command Aircraft Carrier Traffic
August 02, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A new computer system may help naval officers direct the controlled chaos of takeoffs and landings aboard U.S. carriers.
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Glowing Bullets Let Soldiers Aim While Hiding
July 29, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
New tracer rounds could ensure that enemies can't find the shooter.
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U.S. to Give Advanced Wiretap Tech to Iraqi Police
July 22, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
The U.S. Air Force looks to outfit the Iraqi police with wiretapping tech advanced enough to make Lester and Prezbo proud.
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third reich weapons
Secret Weapons of the Third Reich
July 21, 2011, Andrea Leontiou, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The cruise missile and the jet plane made it to the battlefield, but some of the Third Reich's most outrageous weapons never left the lab.
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Smell-o-vision TV Adds Odor to Programming
July 08, 2011, Morgen E. Peck, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
Researchers develop TVs that transmit smells as well as sights and sounds. Time to stop watching 'Dirty Jobs.'
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Video Game Property Insurance Protects Virtual Goods
July 07, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Insurance for online gamers could prevent angry disputes or even murder over virtual items.
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Deadly Dance Between Taliban and U.S. Forces Mirrors Predator and Prey Evolution
June 30, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Both insurgents and U.S. forces face a deadly game of adaptation.
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Modern Test Pilots Need Warrior Discipline and Geek Smarts
June 17, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Negative Green Lantern, the pattern is full.
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Future Drones to Sport Insect Eyes, Vertical Takeoff and Automatic Landings
May 18, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Future swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles must have sense and avoid systems to prevent midair catastrophe.
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New Bomb Detector Sniffs Out TNT One Molecule at a Time
May 16, 2011, Michelle Bryner, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
No explosive can escape detection from this new sensor, that can sniff out quantities of TNT as small as a single molecule
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How the U.S. Military Can Defuse Resource Wars
May 13, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Rising powers such as China and India have their eyes on energy, minerals and other natural resources.
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The Classic Game of Tag Gets a Modern Update
May 13, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Technology upgrades one of childhood?s simplest games.
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U.S. Military Vulnerable to Global Mineral Supply Disruptions
May 12, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics.
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Solve Virtual Murder Mysteries in 'L.A. Noire' by Reading Faces
May 04, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
No CSI techniques here, just good old-fashioned gumshoe work.
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Mini Crossbow Shoots Flaming Firework Darts
April 20, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Who says that crossbows and laser weapons can't coexist in the modern world?
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Snipers Get Laser-Adjusted Sights for Lethal Shots
April 18, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Snipers may not have laser guns yet, but a laser-adjusted sight for their rifles ensures lethal shots.
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Hack Turns Kinect into a USB Rocket Launcher
April 12, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Luckily it they're only foam rockets.
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Old Computer Games Find New Life As iPad Apps
April 11, 2011, Morgen E. Peck, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
For a generation raised on Oregon Trail and The Seventh Guest, the iPad has become the go-to platform for gaming nostalgia.
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