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Any.DO App Beams Tasks to Friends, Follows Up on Missed Calls
March 01, 2012, Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director
Like other task management apps, Any.DO allows you to keep complex lists of activities you need to complete.
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Anonymous, Occupy Movement Announce 'Occupy the Vote' Campaign
February 27, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Joint effort between Anonymous and Occupiers seeks to unseat politicians who support controversial freedom-threatening acts.
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Tumblr Bans Self-Harm Blogs
February 27, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Will Tumblr’s banning of self-harm blogs help or hurt?
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Almost a Third of Web Ads Never Get Seen
February 27, 2012, Seán Captain, TechNewsDaily managing editor
Online study shows that people don’t even notice about a third of the ads on Web pages.
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Mobile App Providers Agree to California Privacy Demands
February 23, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Most mobile apps don't have a privacy policy, but California aims to change that. Consumer advocates say it's not enough.
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video surveillance
Video: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Available in May for $299, We Fly It Off a Roof
February 23, 2012, Michael A. Prospero,
Parrot has announced that its AR.Drone 2.0 will finally be available in May, and we just took it for a spin over the streets of Manhattan.
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Woman addicted to Internet
Ready for Internet Rehab? Majority of Americans Addicted to Web
February 22, 2012, Ned Smith, BusinessNewsDaily Senior Writer
Do you know anyone who is addicted to the Internet?
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anonymous multiple
Could Anonymous Really Knock Out the Power Grid?
February 21, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander has reportedly warned officials that Anonymous could attack a power grid and cause a blackout, but the hacking group said it has no plans to launch such an attack.
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Nielsen Smartphone
Smartphone Owners Largely Young & Affluent
February 20, 2012, Seán Captain, TechNewsDaily managing editor
Gen Y and wealthy Boomers dominate smartphone ownership.
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Virgin Galactic’s Private SpaceShipTwo Test Flights & Trials
February 17, 2012, by, staff
Go behind the scenes of the flight tests and rocket engine checks of Virgin Galactic’s first SpaceShipTwo spaceship for passenger flights into suborbital space.
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See Venus and Jupiter In HD With Just Your Naked Eyes
February 17, 2012, by, staff
In March, Venus and Jupiter will be so close in the night sky that they will fit in the realm of your eyes that relays high definition imagery to your brain. Find out why you'll see them with such clarity.
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Mac OS X Mountain Lion: Best New Features
February 16, 2012, by, staff
Apple's newest desktop operating system includes a dedicated notification area, integrated Twitter support, and more support for iCloud.
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The Top 7 Tasteless Online Moments
February 16, 2012, Seán Captain, TechNewsDaily managing editor
The top 7 online gaffes from advertisers and celebs over the past year.
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Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T Wireless) Review
February 15, 2012, by, staff
This mammoth 5.3-inch Android device straddles the two fastest-growing segments in consumer electronics, and as such, is designed to appeal to those who don't want to carry both a handset and slate.
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AT&T, T Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, smartphone, customer service, support
Carrier Support Showdown: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Tested
February 10, 2012, Dan Howley,
LAPTOP tested all four major U.S. carriers to find out which one offers the best customer service.
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Motorola Droid 4
February 10, 2012, by, staff
Though many smartphone users prefer typing on a real physical keyboard to tapping on a flat touchscreen, the more advanced 4G handsets don't have one. With the $199 Droid 4, Motorola and Verizon are …
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Galactic Black Hole Eats Asteroids For Breakfast – Really
February 08, 2012, by, staff
X-Ray flares recorded by the Chandra Observatory suggest asteroids and comets are being violently torn apart by the super-massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
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Apple Grand Central
Thousands of Signatures, Not Protesters, Coming to Apple Thursday
February 08, 2012, Seán Captain, TechNewsDaily managing editor
Fair labor activists will deliver on Thursday a petition with 250,000 signatures to Apple stores on four continents. It's the kind of strategy that has worked with many other companies and industries…
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HP Envy 17 (2012) Review
February 08, 2012, by, staff
HP redesigned the Envy 17 and jam-packed it with a slew of crowd-pleasing features. From its full 1080p display and excellent audio to its Intel Core i7 processor and AMD switchable graphics, the not…
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New Web-Browser Add-On Protects Privacy
February 07, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
Power up Cocoon and say goodbye to spam, targeted ads and malware.
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In Zero-G Static Electricity Walks On Water
February 07, 2012, by, staff
Astronaut Don Pettit demonstrated the laws of static electricity on Space Station with the help of a water dropper and grandma's sweater maker: knitting needle.
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Engineering Safer Drinking Water
February 06, 2012, by, staff
Access to safe drinking water is a global problem for nearly a billion people. Environmental scientist Laura Brunson is developing fluoride filtering devices that use inexpensive materials readily av…
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8 Crowd-Sourced Transcription Projects You Can Contribute To
February 03, 2012, by Francie Diep, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
A list of thriving new online projects where volunteers can transcribe historical texts and literature.
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The River on ABC
February 03, 2012, by, staff
Trailer for "The River", an upcoming paranormal/adventure/horror series that will debut during the 2011-12 television season on ABC
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Pauly Shore, Best Actor? Hackers Could Choose Oscar Winners
February 02, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
The results of next year's awards show could be manipulated, researchers say.
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