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Built for TV documentary
British Bionic Man Built For TV Documentary | Video
February 07, 2013, by Dave Brody
NowThis introduces Rex, a partially functional prototype bionic android.
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Britain's $1M Bionic Man
February 07, 2013, by Dave Brody
A million-dollar bionic man complete with artificial organs, synthetic blood and robot limbs goes on display at London's Science Museum.
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McAfee All Access 2013 Video Review
February 06, 2013, by, staff
McAfee All Access features online backup and a digital data shredder, but it scored poorly for removing malware. Still, if you&#8217;re looking for an application that is easy to use, offers stro…
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ExploreLearning Presents Reflex — Kids Speak Up | Video
January 25, 2013, by, staff
Students and teachers love what the Reflex program does for learning.
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Hands On Case-Mate Crafted Collection
January 09, 2013, by, staff
Case-Mate unveiled twelve new additions to the Crafted Collection, ranging from pearl to acetate.
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New Water Resistant Sony Phone Can Survive A Soaking | Video
January 08, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
Sony's new Xperia Z smart phone shares many features with other top-of-the-line phones, including a 1080p HD screen, 12 MP camera, and a super thin profile. But the Xperia Z can do what very few phon…
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RNA — Remarkable, Versatile Molecules | Video
January 04, 2013, by, staff
Sometimes mRNA localizes to a specific region of the cell, where the protein it encodes does its task. Here, the mRNA that encodes a protein involved in cell movement moves to the leading edge of a m…
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Humans On ISS to Control Robots On Earth | Video
December 18, 2012, by, staff
In an test of teleoperation, the METERON (Multi-Purpose End-To-End Robotic Operation Network) project will test haptic control device technology on Space Station that will be linked with robotic syst…
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Portal Bookends
8 Stocking Stuffers For Gamers
December 12, 2012, Robert Workman, TechNewsDaily Staff
We recommend some affordable games – and other gifts – to give your game-playing loved ones.
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Bingeing Black Hole Belches Brightly | Video
December 12, 2012, by, staff
A bingeing black hole in the closest large galaxy, Andromeda, burps a bright X-ray blast. The cosmic belch proves that relatively small black holes, about 10x our Sun’s mass, can blast the ultra-lumi…
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Osorb: Absorbent Nanomaterial Cleans up Toxic Water | Video
December 10, 2012, by, staff
An unexpected discovery leads to a nanotechnology that can be used to cleanup hydrocarbons, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.
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Goateed smiling man wearing sunglasses.
John McAfee Held As Illegal Immigrant in Guatemala
December 06, 2012, by Paul Wagenseil, Senior Editor, Security, TechNewsDaily
Fugitive former software mogul likely to be deported back to Belize.
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Verizon's Creepy Idea to Spy on TV Viewers
December 06, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
Verizon filed a patent on monitoring TV viewers to make commercial breaks very personal.
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Photo of the meta-hydrogel in air and in water
Mysterious Material Remembers Its Shape
December 06, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
The lab-made material is composed of synthetic DNA.
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Screenshot from a driverless car intersection simulation
Robotic Car Intersection Takes the Wheel
December 05, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
A new computer program that directs self-driving cars through an intersection saves 35 seconds per car.
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ThinkBox Case Western Reserve University
Why 3D Printing Matters for 'Made in USA'
December 05, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
The U.S. government hopes 3D printing can revolutionize U.S. manufacturing in the former Rust Belt.
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Illustration of how the Stick-N-Find app would work
Bluetooth Stickers Track Your Stuff
December 04, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
The stickers communicate with a smartphone app and can go on everything from wallets to pet collars.
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Defense Distributed & Wiki Weapon
3D-Printable Gun Part Fails on Sixth Shot
December 04, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
The Wiki Weapon project tested a 3D printed gun part in an assault rifle to see how long it could last.
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irs tax form 1040
California Data Breaches Reveal Multi-State Tax-Fraud Scam
December 04, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Florida drug gang took white-collar crime nationwide.
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What is XML?
December 03, 2012, Ryan Goodrich, TechNewsDaily Contributor
XML is a set of rules that extends a Web designer's ability to define data and create common information formats.
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Portrait of a 15th-century scribe
B4 Texting, 4 Ways 2 Say It Shorter
December 03, 2012, Francie Diep, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
A tour through the history of abbreviated language
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New Apps Make Finding Music Easier
December 03, 2012, Michael Gowan, TechNewsDaily contributor
New iOS apps from eMusic and Hype Machine help you sort through the bevy of music options and find something to listen to.
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picture of bespectacled man accompanying rude message
Potty-Mouthed Worm Runs Rampant on Tumblr
December 03, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Infamous 'trolling' group defaces blogging network with offensive message.
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How Holidays Could Ruin Your Love Life
December 03, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
The holiday season is rife with romance killers. Learn what to avoid to keep your relationship intact.
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Photo of two shapes of plastic light bulb
New Light Bulbs Made of Glowing Plastic
December 03, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
The lights, which are as energy efficient as LED bulbs, could be ready for market in 2013.
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