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Frankenstorm From Space - Hurricane Sandy Satellite View | Video
October 26, 2012, by, staff
The NASA/NOAA Goes-13 satellite tracks from October 23-25, 2012. Meteorologists believe Sandy and a winter storm from the west may combine to form a $1B weather event for the east coast.
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How Sound Changes Sight - How Many Flashes Do You See? | Video
October 23, 2012, by, staff
When presented with visual flashes of a black disk and audible beeps, the number of beeps may dictate how many disks you see. Illusion discovered by Ladan Shams, Yukiyasu Kamitani, and Shinsuke Shimojo.
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Forza Horizon
'Forza Horizon' Review: Microsoft Takes Racing in Bold New Direction
October 22, 2012, Robert Workman, TechNewsDaily Gaming Contributor
The simulation series cuts loose with a fun, competitive new experience.
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Massive Ice Island Breaks Off Greenland Glacier | Video
October 19, 2012, by, staff
An island of ice half the size of Manhattan broke off Greenland's Petermann Glacier this past summer. Called 'calving', this is the second time in three years a piece of ice this large as broken off …
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Screenshot of YouTube's top 100 for this month
'Gangnam Style' Back on Top Despite New YouTube Ranking Method
October 17, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
On Oct. 16, the video dropped out of YouTube's top 100 for the week. But changes to YouTube's ranking robot are not to blame, an expert says.
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Huawei and ZTE
Congress: Huawei, ZTE Could Be Chinese Spies
October 10, 2012, Brad Chacos, LAPTOP Contributor
House Intelligence Committee's report alleges companies may engage in bribery, copyright infringement.
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Stock photo of hands holding a credit card near a laptop keyboard
Hover-to-Buy Tech Is on Its Way
October 08, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
A startup is selling software that offers links to a store site when people hover over objects in photos and videos.
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Security Shorts: Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Scam, ThePirateBay Goes Dark
October 02, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
What's new in security news from around the Internet.
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Wells Fargo Among Latest Banks to Suffer Possible Cyberattack
September 26, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Third major U.S. bank in past week to have unexplained website problems.
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Flight Attendant Accused of Swiping iPad
September 24, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Apple device somehow made it from L.A. to Oregon.
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Hacked Touch Tones Crash Phone Networks, Steal Data
September 18, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
Voice-response security not as strong as we think.
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Review: 'NHL 13' Dominates the Ice on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
September 17, 2012, Robert Workman, TechNewsDaily gaming contributor
EA delivers yet another year of hockey goodness.
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2 Congressional Bills Seek to Strengthen Online Privacy
September 13, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
A Senate amendment would protect remotely stored emails and a House bill seeks to bolster the privacy of mobile users.
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Chip-and-PIN Card
Criminals Crack European 'Chip-and-PIN' Cash-Card Security
September 13, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn, Staff Writer, Security, TechNewsDaily
'Unpredictable' transaction authentication numbers turn out to be predictable.
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emma watson harry potter premiere
Emma Watson Tops List of '10 Most Dangerous Celebrities' Online
September 10, 2012, Paul Wagenseil, SecurityNewsDaily Managing Editor
Hermione! How you've changed!
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music, headphones, comfort
Does Leather Sound Better?
September 05, 2012, TechNewsDaily Staff
Leather-wrapped headphones might not change the sound, but they make you want to listen longer.
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HDV Camcorder Video Buying Guide
September 04, 2012, by, staff
Buying a new HDV camcorder is easy. Our video buying guide shows you how to take into consideration the quality of both video and audio, internal memory capacity and additional features like touchsc…
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Tiger Mom and Cubs Caught on Camera
August 28, 2012, by, staff
Hidden cameras captured this tiger mom and her two cubs in the forest near the Mae Wong River in Thailand.
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College Buddies
5 Security Tips IT Personnel Wish Students Knew
August 26, 2012, Sue Marquette Poremba, SecurityNewsDaily Contributor
You're not on your parents' Wi-Fi network any more.
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Vizio 15.6 inch Thin and Light
August 24, 2012, by, staff
It's not often that a company tries to break into the laptop market, but Vizio brings some fresh thinking to the table with its 15-inch Thin+Light.
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plan ahead
How to Disaster-Proof Your Technology
August 23, 2012, David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer
Are you following these steps?
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Google Maps & Instagram Offer New Travel Tools
August 17, 2012, by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
How to use updates to Google Maps and Instagram to plan your next trip. Case study: destination Rio de Janeiro.
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Pinterest Goes Mobile
August 15, 2012, by Sean Captain, TechNewsDaily Managing Editor
Updates iPhone and iPad app and adds Android support.
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Download Opera: Where and How
August 14, 2012, Chad Brooks, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Opera is one of the oldest Web browsers. Where and how to download it safely.
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Pre-Paid Phones Account for All Growth in 2Q Smartphone Sales
August 08, 2012, Brad Chacos, LAPTOP Contributor
The 9 percent growth in smartphone sales experienced in the second quarter came exclusively from pre-paid handsets.
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