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Security Shorts: Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Scam, ThePirateBay Goes Dark
October 02, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn
What's new in security news from around the Internet.
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Apple Hacker Joins Twitter Security Team
September 17, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn
Charlie Miller is the second high-profile white hat hacker hired in less than a year.
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'World of Warcraft' Maker Secretly Watermarks Screenshots
September 12, 2012, by Ben Weitzenkorn
Images from the game contain a hidden watermark that IDs the player that took them.
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students studying on a campus quad
10 Security Must-Haves for College Students
August 27, 2012, Sue Marquette Poremba, SecurityNewsDaily Contributor
Make up a list, check it twice.
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Olympics Scammers Get Gold Medals for Creativity
August 06, 2012, Paul Wagenseil, SecurityNewsDaily Managing Editor
Huge online interest draws con artists like flies.
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troll face, grinning caricature
French T-Shirt Maker Defends Stealing Anonymous' Identity
August 02, 2012, Paul Wagenseil, SecurityNewsDaily Managing Editor
I'm on your side -- trust me.
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Supreme Court 'Obamacare' Ruling Ripe for Scams
June 28, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
The Twitterverse is afire with news about health care ruling, creating a perfect environment for scammers.
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Obama on the phone
No, Obama Will Not Pay Your Phone Bill
June 28, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Obama won't pay your power bill, either, despite what the text message says.
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Piggy Bank Smash
Billion-Dollar Global Bank Fraud Scam Spreads to US
June 26, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
'Operation High Roller' fraud campaign hits U.S. targets, transfers funds to money mules without victim interaction.
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Thieves Use Fake Nude Girlfriend Photo to Scam Victims
June 25, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Look out for '' file attached to an unsolicited email.
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i go chop your dollar clip, illustrating 419 fraud
Nigerian Scam Emails Are Designed to Be Dumb
June 21, 2012, Paul Wagenseil, SecurityNewsDaily Managing Editor
Stupid does as stupid is
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vanilla ice mc hammer perform in vegas
Vanilla Ice Death Hoax Spreads on Facebook
June 18, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Fake news story of rapper's death clogs up Facebook news feeds.
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Father's Day 'Cigar' Offer Burns Buyers
June 15, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Offer from 'Premium Cigars' takes would-be buyers to gambling websites.
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Feds Arrest Alleged Credit Card Fraud Kingpin
June 12, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Dutch suspect worked with Maryland man to defraud 44,000 Seattle residents.
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Apple News Sure to Spark Scams
June 11, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Be on the lookout for offers surrounding today's Apple news.
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hotel reception desk
Beware the 'Hotel Booking' Email Scam
May 31, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Scammers take advantage of summer traveling season with phony emails claiming to have important details about your hotel reservation.
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London Olympics 'Schedule' Is Malicious Fake
May 30, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Go to the official Olympics site for schedules and other information.
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Google To Notify Users Infected with DNSChanger Trojan
May 24, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Infected computers are scheduled to be taken offline July 9.
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A smiling Rastafarian in Jamaica.
Jamaicans Put Twist On Old Nigerian Lottery Scam
May 14, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Look out for the 876 area code; Jamaican phone scammers are promising a $500,000 prize in exchange for an upfront transaction fee.
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Blackmailing 'Police Trojans' Invade US
May 09, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Phony U.S. Department of Justice notifications trick users into handing over money to unlock their computers.
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Going, Going, Gone: Skim Gang Steals $200,000 From Cubs Fans
May 01, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Skimming gang allegedly stole credit card details from Wrigley Field patrons.
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Apocalypse, Not! Doomsday Facebook Posts Spread Gift Card Scam
April 26, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Expect these 'apocalyptic' scams for months to come, or at least until the world ends.
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wikipharmacy screen grab viagra
'WikiPharmacy' Scam Pushes Prescription Pills
April 26, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Get your prescriptions from a doctor, not from WikiPharmacy.
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lock my screen app
Lock My Screen iPhone App Does Anything But
April 24, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
App's creator wrote a disclaimer stating the app "does not provide any real locking mechanism."
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'World's Biggest Pimple' Pops Your Facebook Privacy
April 20, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Look elsewhere for your zit-popping fix; this video leads to just another survey scam.
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