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Surface 2 Review: Improved Hardware, But Software Issues Remain | Video
October 25, 2013, by, staff
While the Surface 2 looks almost identical to the Surface RT, Microsoft has added a number of hardware improvements, including a faster processor, hi-res screen, and a better kickstand. However, the …
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Two Powerful X-Flares Erupt From Sunspot | Video
October 25, 2013, by, staff
Sunspot AR1882 has made its presence known with a flurry of flares on October 25th, 2013. The second X-class eruption registered in the X2 range. Both X-flares are seen in the video.
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DropCam Pro Nighttime Sample Video
October 09, 2013, by, staff
We capture sample night video with the DropCam Pro Wi-Fi camera.
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Infinity Blade III Review | Video
October 07, 2013, by, staff
Infinity Blade III is as gorgeous as ever, but the gameplay remains relatively unchaged and the story verges on incomprehensible for newcomers.
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Korus V600 Wireless Speaker Video Review
September 25, 2013, by, staff
The Korus V600 wireless speaker sounds incredible and has a wide broadcast range. But it uses SKAA wireless technology, which is not compatible with as many devices as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So as long …
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Is the Samsung Galaxy Mega Too @$#&ing Big?
September 06, 2013, by, staff
We take to the streets to find out what the public thinks about the size of the Samsung Galaxy Mega.
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Curiosity Sees Mars' Moon Eclipse Sun | Video
September 05, 2013, by, staff
The Mars Science Laboratory had its sights set on the Sun when Phobos passed directly in front of it.
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Samsung Galaxy Mega Sample Video
August 28, 2013, by, staff
The Samsung Galaxy Mega’s rear camera can shoot 1080p videos that are sharp and colorful
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Wicked Headphone Video Review
August 09, 2013, by, staff
Our Wicked Audio video shows how these headphones built for an active lifestyle, with an emphasis on style.
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Flash vs Mirror Master & Heatwave in Exclusive FLASHPOINT PARADOX Clip
July 26, 2013, by, staff
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox hits DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday July 30, 2013, and we have an exclusive clip from Warner Bros Home Entertainment
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THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Trailer | Video
July 19, 2013, by, staff
Comic-Con International 2013 trailer for the new season. Premieres in October.
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Plant-Eating Dinosaurs Carried Spare Teeth | Video
July 16, 2013, by, staff
Some of the largest herbivorous dinosaurs replaced their teeth at a rate of one tooth every 1 to 2 months due to wear from crunching up plants, research finds. This CT scan of the upper jaw of a Dipl…
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Hands on With the Galaxy S4 Active
July 10, 2013, by, staff
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active brings water resistance, a louder speaker and better outdoor readability for the same price of the regular S4.
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FLASHPOINT PARADOX Official Clip Shows Alternate JUSTICE LEAGUE World | Video
July 05, 2013, by, staff
The first official clip for JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX shows up two weeks before its premiere at SDCC, and we have it here.
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Sony Prices PS4 at $399
June 12, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
Sony takes on Microsoft, pricing its new PS4 below Xbox One. Powered by NewsLook.
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What Are the Best Home Internet and TV Services?
June 07, 2013, Michael Gowan, TechNewsDaily contributor
Google's Gigabit + Fiber TV service sounds amazing, but it's only an experiment in a few cities. What are the top services you can get today?
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The Earth Harp: Making Architecture And Nature Into An Instrument
The Earth Harp: Making Architecture And Nature Into An Instrument | Video
June 05, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
William Close's Earth Harp is a musical invention so large the audience often sits 'inside' it by turning valleys, buildings, and concert halls into a giant string instrument.
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10 Most Awkward Technology Terms
June 04, 2013, by Sean Captain, TechNewsDaily Managing Editor
Don't feel bad if you trip up on tech terminology. Sometimes even the pros don’t know what to say.
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Two White Dwarfs Merge After Million+ MPH Whirl | Animation
June 03, 2013, by, staff
Two white dwarfs called RX J0806.3+1527 or J0806 come together to create the smallest orbit of any known binary system (321.5 senconds, or less than 5 minutes). Gravitational wave energy increases as…
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Blast-Off! Six Hour Ride Underway For New Space Station Crew | Video
May 28, 2013, by, staff
Soyuz Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano launched to the International S…
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Seismic Waves From Russian Earthquake Detected Across US | Video
May 24, 2013, by, staff
This video shows the horizontal and vertical motion recorded as seismic waves from the magnitude-8.3 earthquake in Russia's Sea of Okhotsk pass through the United States. The powerful earthquake stru…
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____est Tech
______est Tech!
May 22, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
The quirkiest, boldest, riskiest, loudest, brightest, fastest, smartest and best gadgets, consumer electronics and lifestyle devices. Let the disruption commence!"
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Cleaning The Gutters? The Luuj Robot Can Do It For You
Cleaning The Gutters? The Luuj Robot Can Do It For You | Video
May 17, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
Cleaning gutters is a chore, and moving around on a tall ladder can even be dangerous. iRobot's Luuj is designed to make cleaning out the gutters as effortless as possible.
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Tatz Nailz Prints Nail Art And Photos Directly On Your Nails
Tatz Nailz Prints Nail Art And Photos Directly On Your Nails | Video
May 16, 2013, by Clayton Ashely
For many nail art is an important part of how they express themselves, and with Tatz Nailz printer, the artistic possibilities are expansive. You can even take a photo that you can use on your nails.
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The Cleanest Robot Tech | Video
May 10, 2013, by, staff
Cleaning windows and gutters is tough, repetitive, and sometimes dangerous work, which makes it the perfect job for a robot. Even keeping the air fresh throughout your home can be the work of a smart…
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