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Combine Medical Alerts, Cashless Payment with VITAband
February 17, 2012, Jesse Emspak, TechNewsDaily Contributor
A bracelet that stores your vital stats and tells EMTs your medical history when you can't.
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'Roomba' Robot Vacuum Edges Out Competitors
February 15, 2012, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
The iRobot Rooma managed to clean a test floor space more effectively than rival robot vacuums by roaming about in a more chaotic pattern.
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Microsoft Mistakenly Flags Google as Malicious Site
February 15, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Microsoft Security Essentials blocks access to Google due to false positive
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Satellite Snatcher Will Plunge Space Junk Into Atmosphere
February 15, 2012, by, staff
The Swiss Space Center is developing a satellite, CleanSpace One, to tackle the growing danger of space debris orbiting Earth. The first model will rendezvous with an obsolete satellite, grab it and …
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Nasdaq Studio Wall
Hackers Disrupt Nasdaq, BATS Stock Exchange Websites
February 15, 2012, by Matt Liebowitz
Sites of both exchanges brought down by distributed denial-of-service attacks
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Touchcode Hands-On
February 14, 2012, by, staff
Just swipe a card against your touchscreen and your device launches new content.
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Amazon Reveals the Most Romantic City in America
February 14, 2012, David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer
Amazon reveals what city bought the most romance novels, romantic comedies, Barry White albums and 'sexual wellness' products to determine the most romantic city in America.
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Cut Costs on Single-Serve Coffee Machine
February 13, 2012, Jesse Emspak, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Save the environment, and money, with re-useable coffee containers for single-serve machines.
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Unexpected Venus Motion Shift
February 10, 2012, by, staff
Europe's Venus Express spacecraft has measured a change in the so-called Morning Star's spin. Peering through the heavy cloud cover with infrared instruments, it has found that surface features have …
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Air Force Pararescuemen
Air Force 'Batman' Wants a 21st-Century Battlefield Stretcher
February 10, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
The Air Force's gadgets lab wants to make a medical stretcher that allows just one person to rescue a wounded soldier.
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Nike's Space Sneakers
Nike Launching Space Sneakers for NBA Stars
February 09, 2012, Robert Z. Pearlman, Editor
Nike's new space shoes are inspired by NASA spacesuits and supernova explosions.
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Windows XP Bliss
Hacking in a World Without Windows XP
February 07, 2012, Geoph Essex, SecurityNewsDaily Contributor
Once XP goes bye-bye, what will cybercriminals exploit?
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The Best Classic Game Compilations for iPads
February 07, 2012, Robert Workman, iPadNewsDaily Contributor
Vintage game compilations for the iPad let you relive the classic days of gaming, without needing a roll of quarters.
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Freewheeling Discussion Site Reddit Rescues African Orphanage
February 03, 2012, Seán Captain, TechNewsDaily managing editor
Online fundraiser for African orphanage shows the power of niche social networks.
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Oh Eros: Valentine's Day Asteroid Makes NEAR Fly-by
February 03, 2012, by, staff
The 21-mile long 'God of Love' space rock made its closest approach to Earth (15 million miles away) since 1975 on January 31st, 2012. NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous - Shoemaker (NEAR) mission…
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V-MODA “True Blood” REVAMP Headphones video review
January 30, 2012, by, staff
SOOKIE! Sink you teeth into that latest episode of “True Blood” in private and in style with these V-MODA “True Blood” REVAMP Headphones… or suffer the True Death!
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Treated seminiferous tubules
Future Male Birth Control May Zap Sperm with Sound Waves
January 30, 2012, Jennifer Welsh, LiveScience Staff Writer
Two 15-minute treatments two days apart lowered rats' sperm counts significantly.
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New App Lets You Zoom Out After You Take the Picture
January 30, 2012, Jesse Emspak, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Use this iPhone app to "photoshop" additional background into a photo.
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Lego Man Flies To The Edge Of Space
January 30, 2012, by, staff
A pair of 17-year-olds from Canada, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, attached a styrofoam box with a Lego man, 4 cameras and a GPS equipped phone to a weather balloon. It nearly 80,000 feet before the ba…
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Valentine's Day Spam
Scammers Get Jump Start on Valentine's Day
January 27, 2012, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Email scams promise everything from jewelry and flowers to weight-loss pills.
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Virus Rapidly Evolves To Fight Bacteria
January 26, 2012, by, staff
Michigan State University researchers have seen for the first time that the Lambda virus can mutate in a short time (4 mutations in just 12 days) and found new ways to attack host cells.
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Countdown: The Worst Tablets
January 25, 2012, by, staff
Endless iPad clones and Android knock-offs that just aren’t up to par have saturated the tablet market. Here are the ones to avoid.
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Texting & Walking: Study Reveals Why Combo Is Dangerous
January 25, 2012, Christopher Wanjek, LiveScience Bad Medicine Columnist
Turns out, the combo messes up your gait, leading to accidents.
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Military Gamers
Gamers May Fight Deadly Software Bugs in US Military Weapons
January 23, 2012, Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily Senior Writer
The U.S. military plans to transform boring bug-hunting in its weapons systems into fun online games that attract thousands of players.
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Test Video
January 23, 2012, by, staff
Test Video
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