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SugarSync - Your Own Personal Cloud
March 08, 2011, by, staff
Why let Big Brother Google or the Apple Magisterium snoop on your life? SugarSync says they'll keep your digital soul synchronized -- without tracking and selling what you do.
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‘March Madness’ Madness: Fans Check Stats While Driving, Going to Bathroom
March 08, 2011, Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer
College basketball fans check scores at unlikely times and places.
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Best Music Apps
March 07, 2011, by, staff
Do you love music? Of course you do. If you own a smart phone, there are many ways you can use it to listen to your favorite tunes.
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Today’s Cyberthreats: High School Grade Hack, Charlie Sheen Scam
March 07, 2011, SecurityNewsDaily Staff
What’s worrying cybersecurity experts today
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Death to Internet Explorer 6: Microsoft Calls for Browser's End
March 07, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Death to Internet Explorer 6!
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Pentagon Could Search Soldier DNA for Ultimate Warrior Genes
March 07, 2011, Andrea Leontiou, InnovationNewsDaily Contributing Writer
In search for the perfect warrior, the Pentagon has begun scanning soldier's DNA for fighting genes.
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When Cars Talk, Drivers Gain Safety and Ease
March 04, 2011, Michelle Bryner, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
Networking cars talk to each other to give drivers real time traffic report, safer driving and even help finding parking spaces.
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Infected Smartphone Apps The Next Wave of Malware
March 04, 2011, Sue Marquette Poremba, SecurityNewsDaily Contributor
Weak oversight of third-party apps lets bad guys sneak in
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Nintendo 3DS Adds Netflix Movies and Free Hot Spots
March 03, 2011, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Nintendo 3DS becomes another device to stream Netflix movies
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Universe's First Light
March 03, 2011, by, staff
About 380,000 years after the Big Bang the Universe suddenly switched its light on. To detect these first frigid photons, detectors aboard ESA's Planck mission were chilled to nearly absolute zero te…
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WordPress Hit By Massive Online Attack
March 03, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Connectivity affected for popular blogging platform.
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Flying Turbine Lifts Wind Power
March 03, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
By taking to the sky, Makani Power's flying wind turbine delivers more green power and a lower price.
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Motion-Detecting Kinect Robot Could Help Rescue Missions
February 28, 2011, Samantha Murphy, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
Microsoft Kinect can be used for more than just fun and games.
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Fake College Website Steals Admission Fees
February 28, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Fake university steals real money from prospective students.
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Movie Ratings Websites Help Parents Parse Oscar Hopefuls
February 25, 2011, Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily Assistant Editor
To get info beyond simple MPAA ratings, parents turn to informative movie rating websites.
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And the Oscar Goes To the Movie Industry Techies
February 25, 2011, Andrea Leontiou, InnovationNewsDaily Contributing Writer
Without these winners, movies wouldn't be possible.
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Google Aims to Weed Out Low-Quality Websites from Search Results
February 25, 2011, Adam Hadhazy, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
New changes to search algorithms boost quality sites' rankings.
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hacker kid
Cybercrime Blotter: High-Profile Hacks of 2011
February 24, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
All the high-profile hacks of 2011
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SpaceX Is Ranked Among 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World
February 23, 2011, InnovationNewsDaily Staff
A private spaceflight company headed by a real-life Iron Man makes a list of the most innovative companies.
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Web Generation Clueless About Online Privacy
February 22, 2011, Jeremy Hsu, LiveScience Senior Writer
They may not know what they're missing
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Facebook Phishing Scam Uses Fake Login Page
February 18, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Read the Facebook fine print.
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Frozen Food's Gourmet Future
February 18, 2011, Molika Ashford, InnovationNewsDaily Contributor
With diners demanding more than TV dinners, chefs and food companies are working on gourmet quality frozen meals.
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Q&A: John Underkoffler Discusses the Future of Computer Interface
February 18, 2011, Clay Dillow, InnovationNewsDaily Contributing Writer
After introducing the world to gesture interface by designing the computers of the Minority Report movie, John Underkoffler turned the science fiction into reality.
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Cybercriminals Stay One Step Ahead of Law
February 18, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Enforcement moves at the 'speed of law.'
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Canadian Government Websites Hacked by Chinese Cybercriminals
February 18, 2011, Matt Liebowitz, SecurityNewsDaily Staff Writer
Hackers may have accessed critical financial and weapons information.
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