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First Trojan Malware Virus Detected for Android Smartphones
August 11, 2010, Linda Rosencrance, TechNewsDaily Contributor
Security experts have discovered what they say is the first Trojan malware virus directed at smartphones running Google’s Android operating system.
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Science Fact and Fiction: How a Lightsaber Works
August 11, 2010, Karl Tate, TechNewsDaily Contributor
TechNewsDaily examines the lightsaber weapon used in the Star Wars universe by Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Jedi Knights and others trained in the ways of the Force.
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Feeling a Virgin Galactic Launch - Clara Pulls 6 Gs!
August 10, 2010, by, staff's Clara Moskowitz experiences the full G-forces of Virgin/Scaled SpaceShipOne in the NASTAR centrifuge simulator, while training with scientists hoping to fly sub-orbital experiments. [Clar…
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Computer Program 'Erases' People from Google Street Views
August 09, 2010, TechNewsDaily Staff
Software program could boost online privacy by removing people from digital archives.
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Scott Pilgrim: Edgar Wright Interview
August 05, 2010, by, staff
Newsarama's Albert Ching talks with Edgar Wright, director of the upcoming movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
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Scott Pilgrim: Michael Cera & Jason Schwartzman Interview
August 04, 2010, by, staff
Newsarama talks to Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman about their upcoming movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
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Review of BullGuard Backup
August 03, 2010, by, staff
BullGuard has branched out of the security software family and into its close cousin, online backup. Their first version of BullGuard is simple. There's no other way to put it. Just back-up. It h…
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AT&T Reveals BlackBerry Torch 9800
August 03, 2010, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
The new BlackBerry Torch is supposed to compete with the iPhone
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Double-Blade Helicopter Breaks Rotary Wing Speed Record
August 03, 2010, TechNewsDaily Staff
Two blades carry this chopper past a world speed record.
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Light Leak Causing White iPhone 4 Delays
July 28, 2010, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Is the white iPhone 4 leaky?
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Amazon Kindle Sold Out, Possible New Version Coming
July 28, 2010, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaiy Staff Writer
Is there a new Kindle on the way?
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July 28, 2010, by, staff
When the planet is threatened by Super Villains, time traveling conquerors, alien invaders, mythical monsters or mad robots bent on the total destruction of humanity, when there is no hope left...the…
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Tropical Cyclone Birth Predicted
July 26, 2010, by, staff
This new animation, developed with the help of NASA's Pleiades supercomputer, illustrates how tropical cyclone Nargis formed in the Indian Ocean's Bay of Bengal over several days in late April 2008.
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Review of Netviewer Support
July 23, 2010, by, staff
Netviewer Support enables you to offer IT support across the world. The program is geared toward technical support making it outstanding remote desktop software.
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Angling Bears
July 23, 2010, by, staff
Bears love salmon but do not like to get their ears wet. The Adult bears teach their young a neat little fishing trick while keeping their head above water.
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Mobile Video Poised to Soar
July 21, 2010, Samantha Murphy, Senior Staff Writer
Revenue from mobile video services – such as video messaging, sharing, chat and on-demand downloads -- is expected to top $2 billion worldwide in 2013.
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Can We All Get Space?
July 21, 2010, by, staff
35 years ago Apollo and Soyuz joined together in low earth orbit showing that rivals can ease their hostilities towards one another. The same thing is happening in Washington as Congress and the Whi…
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Walking Robot Breaks Distance Record
July 20, 2010, Stuart Fox, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
No robot has ever walking farther than this spindly droid.
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New Cell Network Doesn't Depend on Towers
July 20, 2010, Stephanie Pappas, TechNewsDaily contributor
Wi-Fi enabled phones create coverage without cell phone towers.
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How Apple Saved $1 Billion on iPhone 4 Problem
July 16, 2010, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Should Apple have done a full iPhone 4 recall?
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HP Halting Development of Android Tablet
July 15, 2010, Dan Hope, TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
Don't expect an Android tablet from HP any time soon
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ASSASSIN'S CREED Comic Book Teaser
July 15, 2010, by, staff
Ubisoft uses this video teaser to give clues to the Assassin's Creed Comic, coming late 2010 from Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart. More details next week at Ubisoft's Comic-Con Panel, and earlier ri…
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Review of HTC EVO 4G
July 12, 2010, by, staff
The HTC EVO smartphone for Sprint is one of the best on the market with 4G coverage coming it is still fast on 3G networks because of the Snapdragon CPU. 4.3 inch display, a great touch screen, good…
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ESA's Virtual Europa Demo
July 02, 2010, by, staff
The European Space Agency enlisted game developers MindArk to create a demo of a massively multiplayer online game set on a virtual Europa base.
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